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DBrand launches Spider-Man PS5 skin

DBrand launches Spider-Man PS5 skin

Dbrand has announced limited edition Playstation 5 skins in reference to Spider-Man and they appear to be heavily inspired by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s official skins.

Sony recently debuted PS5 and Dualsense skins in reference to Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man 2, which will be in stores on October 20. It’s also possible to purchase these two items in a bundle with the console and game, if that’s your entry point into the new generation.

So there’s no doubt that these covers are inspired by Sony’s own Dbrand work Promote them With punches on the console manufacturer and saying that “Manufacturer [MEGA COMPANHIA] from [POPULAR CONSOLA DE JOGOS] It failed and did not produce enough stock of its covers [OFICIAIS DO JOGO]”.

Dbrand points out, jokingly and without directly naming names, the very limited stock of these items – the official covers in particular were sold out practically the day they became available for reservation – and says it corrects a mistake made by the manufacturer.

In 2021, Dbrande ran into trouble with Sony for producing unofficial skins for the PS5, forcing the company to take legal action to stop its business. Dbrand does not forget about the topic and promotes new articles with a lot of hits.

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