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DDoS attack leaves “Between Us” out of service in Europe and the US

The war is taking place in Ukraine and is being ignited on the Internet. This time it was an attack on the European and American servers of the popular game Among Us.

According to its developer, Innersloth, the service will be offline while the team is working on the fix, but it may take some time. Said the responsible person on Twitter.

between us attacked...

As mentioned by the site EurogamerThe game Between Us is actually offline and has been around most of the weekend.

The reason was a DDoS attack on servers in Europe and North America.

The person responsible was joking when pointing the finger at the criminals, on his Twitter account:

We have vandalism going on lol. AN and EU servers receive DDoS. The service will be offline while the team is working on fixing it, but it may take some time, please wait!!!!! Pardon!!!

Twitter Innersloth on the official account at the start of the raid.

Given the huge popularity of Among Us, it is not surprising that you have been chosen as the target of hacker attacks.

In 2020, the game suffered a far-reaching spam attack that affected about 5 million players after someone named Iris Loris found a way to do so. hack Millions of games.

The event led to a great deal of sadness and frustration among the game community, with much anger being expressed in reddit against hacker.

The world is different as a result of the war in Ukraine. Attacks on Russian interests online are also a reality.

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