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Dean Jones is dead

Dean Jones is dead

A number of British media outlets wrote, on Thursday evening, including: daily Mail, subway, Mirror And Delivery time Television legend Dean Jones has died. He was 56 years old.

Jones is known as the man behind hits like “Britain’s Got Talent,” “X Factor,” “Game of Talents” and “Take Me Out.”

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After his death, friends set up a fundraiser to honor the star. It becomes clear here that his death came as a shock, and that he died on July 6 after a short struggle with cancer.

According to British media, Fremantle UK, the company behind “Britain’s Got Talent”, donated 5,000 pounds sterling, or more than 66,000 Norwegian kroner.

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They are said to have written to make the donation “with great love from everyone in Fremantle”.

Furthermore, they wrote that there is no one like the TV legend and that the loss would be great.

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