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Death of Jean-Pierre Adams: From the beating, his solid heart stopped

The former international footballer, who wore the Olympic names jersey from 1970 to 1973, died on Monday, September 6 at CHU Carémeau. Spent 39 years in a vegetative state.

love story

Then, an hour later, with her heart and anger still on the edge of her lips, she asked the already trembling spectator: “Do you want to see him?” Bernadette sometimes guided journalists to the room where her husband, Jean-Pierre Adams, lived his plant life.

He was, from the beginning, behind a door that never closed. We advanced with frightening steps, and she descended without ceremony: “My dear, you have an audience!” To provoke him, again and again. He was there, stretched out, his features loosened and his face still young: a few white hairs and the acting of this extraordinary physique, made him one of the best protectors of the planet, betraying misery.

“Yeah, he’s still handsome,” she complimented, and he rubbed his head. Jean-Pierre seemed to react. For 39 years, she has always been there. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mix them to give with a spoon. Assisting a physiotherapist for exercise. Replacing the nurse on the days he does not come. Changing her clothes daily, she insisted on it.

Perfume. Putting matches for him on TV. Talking to him, talking endlessly. She was always there. Since this meeting was almost 10 years ago, we often thought of her. To this incredible love story, to this woman who is even more so. Even more so today, we think of Bernadette Adams

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“Very sorry. Jean-Pierre Adams is gone.” Sports journalist Jack Wendrooks, the general manager of the French Variety Club, made the announcement via Twitter on Monday morning. “Full agreement with family and his wife Bernadette” He was nearby.

Adams, a former footballer for the France and Olympic Names team, died a few days ago at CHU Carémeau, who was diagnosed with a lung infection. He is 73 years old.

Error in anesthesia

So, his heart stopped. The heart was so strong that it lived for 39 years – more than half of its existence – in a vegetative state: an exceptionally case approved drug. This drug, by mistake and carelessness, deliberately froze this power of nature on Wednesday, March 17, 1982.

For a normal knee surgery, the former international remembered his wife and wanted to go to the hospital alone by train “Don’t forget to pick up a pair of crutches” When she came to pick him up when he got out of the car. Put under anesthesia (there was a judicial sentence), Jean-Pierre Adams never woke up.

The 34-year-old, then father of two children aged 13 and 6 and recently retired from football, opened a sports shop in Salon-sur-Sain with Bernadette. She “Rebirth”, As his wife called himself, would flow into a medical bed, to a specialized center, and then to Rodilhan for almost 20 years, and finally to Kaiserg, where the couple had lived since 2009.

His profession

Born in Dakar (Senegal) on March 10, 1948, Jean-Pierre Adams left Africa at the age of 10 and moved to Montreux, where he grew up in a foster family. He was spotted by the Names Olympics while playing at Fontainebleau at the French Amateur Championships.

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He joined the card in 1970, where he spent three seasons. He was the vice-champion of France in 1972. That year, he released the first of his 22 selections for the French team (between 1972 and 1976), where he played Marius Tresser, a famous federal defender: the famous “Black Guard”.

He then played for Nice for four years and then for two years at PSG. Jean-Pierre Adams recorded more than 250 appearances in D1 and nine in the UEFA Cup when he joined the Mulhouse in 1979 for a season at D1. He ended his career as an amateur in Salonsur-san.

“He has nothing to do with it!”

Bernadette Adams, she would look after him every day, wife, physiotherapist, caregiver, attentive cook, guardian angel, all of these and at the same time. He later worked in a clothing house, meeting Jean-Pierre at a ball in Montergis (Lloyd) in early 1968.

Despite the trials, his love did not die. “She was there, and she supported him to the end. Breathing, moving, his son Frederick. St. Bernard, he bears his first name well … “

How did she survive? “If I don’t take care of him, who will do it?, She replied. And then the kids couldn’t find it anywhere other than at home. I will never give up. “ His biggest fear, she had been saying recently, had gone before him.

Faced with imbalance, especially in social networks, this suggested “Plug” Her husband, she did not lose heart. The plant state is not coma. Jean-Pierre reacted to the stimuli, for example Bernadette put him in matches on TV.

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“She is OK. She kept reminding me! I will not stop giving him food and drink … “

Tribute in dozens

After the excitement of the early days in the football world, over the years, expressions of affection have become rarer, visits have dwindled, and Theory Roland and Jean-Michel Larque are no more. “A Thought” In every blues game on TV …

This Monday, the tribute to Anjali was poured out very quickly. “ Everyone thought of him again, Frederick Adams mentions. This is a testament to the fact that he left a strong memory of his football career and what happened to him later. “ Except as a rule.

To his wife Bernadette, his sons Laurent and Frederick and his four grandchildren, his family and loved ones, Midi Libre sends its true condolences. The date of the funeral, which will take place in Kaiserkieus, is to be announced on Tuesday.