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Deathloop: See all the exclusive DualSense controller features for increased immersion

Deathloop: See all the exclusive DualSense controller features for increased immersion

The game will be released on September 14 for Playstation 5 and PC

Deathloop About to be released PlayStation 5 NS Computer And let players release the console from Sony With more concern, a video has been released showing what the developer is Arkan Studios Ready for the unique features of DualSense, Control PS5. Check out the video below with some examples applied in gameplay:

The trailer begins with glorifying the amazing visuals that the player will find Deathloop, which is characterized by a very beautiful and elegant artistic direction. Soon the motion in the video starts and the file function begins adaptive stimuli, which is the most used feature in games that include shooting, the game assures that each weapon will allow a unique feeling to the player, and the video continues to feature pistols, machine guns and other weapons that will bring emotion to the game.

It will be possible to feel each trigger in a different way and get tactile feedback for each shot you take, sometimes you will have to hold the trigger down to fire the shot, in other cases press it softly to load the shot, some weapons will be easy, already difficult to control others. The trailer also shows the moment the ammo runs out and the trigger locks, making it impossible to depress until the gun is reloaded.

Another great addition from DualSense it’s the háptico . reactionsThe trailer shows the character in several different locations to show that you’ll be able to feel in your hands the terrain you’re traveling in, and feel the character running through the snow or sliding on a carpet, creating an amazing immersion while playing.

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Finally, the trailer shows a file Loudspeaker It’s in the control as if the character’s radio was in an interaction, which is a pretty cool way they’ve found to use the feature.

Deathloop will be issued in September 14 NS PlayStation 5 NS Computer, the features described in this trailer are exclusive to DualSense In the version of PS5.

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