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Death’s Door debuts and gets launch trailer

death door Released today, July 20, on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. To celebrate the game’s arrival, we have a new launch trailer that highlights the game’s world and its “adventurous” style.

The video no longer shows gameplay. Instead, it is basically an animated short made in the artistic style of death door. Accompanied by live music, we see main character Crowe go through different scenarios and face different enemies.

Although it is just an animation, you can see that there is an emphasis on the variety of weapons the player can use and on the big bosses that have to appear throughout the game.

The mysterious doors that give the game its name also appear and will be an important element in the development of its plot.

The trailer ends with a quick view of Crowe in a cemetery, passing by a gravedigger preparing a new grave. This may be a nod to the lighter rogue side of the game, where death and return are part of the gameplay and narrative.

death door Developed by Acid Nerve, who gained fame with the launch of titan souls. The title was produced by Giant of India digital back There is no expectation yet to reach other platforms. The game can be purchased from steam and on Xbox Live 15% off until 7 pm today.

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