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Monumentos de Curitiba serão iluminados de vermelho

December is red and orange against AIDS and skin cancer

The Sesc Health Project is promoting the campaign Sesc Red December: the month of the fight against AIDS. Throughout the month, guidance and outreach centers will be established in Sesc PR service units, as well as live and simultaneous health education activities in 27 units in the state.

From January 2007 to December 2018, the cumulative number of AIDS cases in Paraná was 20,283. The largest number is concentrated in the age group from 30 to 39 years, with 54.6% of cases.

The detection rate of AIDS cases per 100,000 inhabitants decreased by 36.7% in Paraná between 2015 and 2019 (from 15.3 to 9.7), and the death rate, also per 100,000 inhabitants, decreased by 22.6% in the same period, from 5.4 to 4.2. The incidence of HIV per 200 thousand people is 0.9% (from 22.6 to 22.4).

Sesc Pr schedule starts live on December 7th, from 2pm

Cancer – Erasto Gaertner Health Complex, through the Conscientizar+ program, and the Brazilian Society of Dermatology – Paraná Regional (SBD-PR) are partnering to launch a series of awareness actions for the Orange campaign in December.

This mobilization encourages the prevention and control of skin cancer, and draws attention to the increased incidence of the disease during the summer.

With the slogan “Add more SPF to your summer”, the movement of two of Brazil’s most important institutions in the fight against disease brings an “orange alert” to Brazilians returning to beaches and pools and encourages the use of a solar filter as a protective product against radiation.

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In Paraná, more than 500 cases of melanosis are diagnosed annually.