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Decisive Manufacturer Returns And Does Not Reduce SSD Warranty Because Of Chia

Decisive Manufacturer Returns And Does Not Reduce SSD Warranty Because Of Chia

Chia is a modern cryptocurrency that has become popular for being green, and using less energy. But also because it can be mined via HDD and SSD. But this posed a problem for some record manufacturers. In response, they ended up lowering the warranty on their products used for this purpose.

Recently, a decisive manufacturer was going to follow suit. But the brand regrets that and will not change the warranty of its crypto-mining SSDs.


Despite its already huge popularity, many cylinder manufacturers are concerned about the amount of equipment purchased to mine cryptocurrency in Chia. As a result, brands GALAX e PNY I have already begun to reduce the warranty of the SSD hard drives used in this practice.

Crucial Goes Back and Does Not Lower Your SSD Warranty for Chia Mining

a Important It is an American company that belongs to the manufacturer Micron and is dedicated to the production of SSDs and memory drives. Like the examples above, this brand has also been interested in increasing the use of disks to mine Chia cryptocurrency.

In this sense, the company has made some changes in the warranty policy for its products. As a result, he added, “Using Crucial SSDs for any kind of cryptocurrency mining will void the guarantee.” Crucial has also noted that any damage caused by mining will void the warranty, indicating that this also applies to SSDs already in use.

However, the site team Tom's devices This information cannot be found on the brand's website and blog. Therefore, he contacted Crucial for clarification, which replied that the warranty had not changed and that "any confusion arising from the blog post was entirely accidental."

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But the site saved a file page file Where you can see initial warranty changes for Crucial SSDs.

Therefore, from the above information, it appears that the manufacturer's intention was to void the warranty of their products if they were used for mining.

But if we visit Crucial's current blog page Dedicated to this topic, we have verified that the company has withdrawn all information regarding warranty reduction in mining issues.

According to the company, “All SSDs have a 3- or 5-year warranty, depending on the model, and a maximum TeraBytes Written (TBW) based on capacity, depending on which comes first.”

Should Manufacturers Reduce Warranty on Disks Used in Chia Mining?