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Declaration of Joao Soares' love for Maria Joao Abreu who touched the country - my patriot

Declaration of Joao Soares’ love for Maria Joao Abreu who touched the country – my patriot

Maria João Abreu, 57, still in hospital at García de Horta Hospital, in an induced coma, struggles for life. actress Live crucial hours, A week after two operations on the head for an aneurysm, he was in a very serious condition.Her husband Joao Soares (47 years) lives days of despair alongside the actress without losing hope in his partner’s recovery.. Thursday, The musician paid a public honor to the womanr, by replacing your social networks’ profile picture with one in which the two appear, in a gentle and passionate kiss. The gesture did not go unnoticed and received much praise and messages of support.

But even before the actress’s birthday on April 14th, Joao Soares spoiled Maria João Abreu with a passionate declaration of love that did not pass without indifference And this, unfortunately, is now more reasonable than ever. In the message The Musician He declares all his love for the actress“A love that is frequent but greater, more intense, more mature, more experienced,” Joao Soares wrote.

Today, Joao B is celebrating his birthday. From the years we’ve lived together, we’ve now reached a score of 13 out of the total that many still need to count. And whatever text I write, it seems to me to always repeat what I wrote in past years, by celebrating that very same day. In fact, yes: it is repetition, but increasing. Love repeats, but is greater, More intense, more mature, and more experienced. As well as admiration, affection, longing, attention and care. Anyway, life. Life! Because life with you takes new features and a greater proportion. It becomes more intense and more appetizing. More sharp and demanding, too. Meanwhile, the easiest, Because you are there beside me in everything that comes and goes!“The musician announced.” I already said it, and I repeat: You are the best friend, sister, aunt, daughter, woman, companion, mother and grandmother. I love you today, more than I loved yesterday, and less than tomorrow I will. For all you are! Congratulations my love. Today, always and forever. I will be with you. Always too. Yours sincerely João, “he wrote. These words written by João Soares are gaining strength in this difficult time for Maria João Abreu. There is still hope that love bears many times. The actress and musician got married in 2012 and have been together for 13 years.

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