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Deco Proteste recommends asking for a premium review when renewing car insurance - Economy

Deco Proteste recommends asking for a premium review when renewing car insurance – Economy

While the special order is in effect [atualmente de calamidade], we advise consumers whose insurance companies have not reviewed the premium, on the date of their car insurance renewal, to contact them and request it, as advocated by the Economist at Deco Protest, Monica Dias, noting that it does not exist in, guaranteeing a reduction in the value of the premium Insurance, because the insurance company “is not obligated” to do so.

Just as the increase in road accidents makes car insurance more expensive, the decrease in premiums is associated with a decrease in road accidents, which were recorded more than a year ago, all over the world, after recording infections with the Covid-19 virus, which led to the emergence of complaints from Motorists demand compensation or compensation.

In Portugal, insurance companies such as Zurich and Fideldad announced, in May 2020, initiatives to adjust customer premiums, due to lower claims, after their large North American counterparts, who decided to offer automatic reimbursement to customers, based on the value of the updated commercial vehicle.

Fidelidade has announced the allocation of more than 20 million euros due to the reduction of car insurance premiums for private customers and small businesses, after achieving a 65% reduction in the number of accidents during the emergency.

Also last year, the Assurance Supervisor (ASF) provided guidance for interpreting extraordinary government measures to support policyholders, and recommended that insurers be flexible and facilitate agreements between parties on the scheme most favorable to the policyholder (private), to later, split premium payments or reductions. Special prices or even suspension of collection.

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At the same time, a group of businessmen, professors, jurists or association leaders issued a draft for holders of civil liability insurance for vehicles to be able to request a 10% reduction in premiums, taking advantage of the exceptional system approved by the government.

For policyholders who have not benefited from any reduction in the premium, on the initiative of the insurance companies, the Protest economist recommends “a request to the insurance company, but at the time of the insurance renewal”, since the law does not oblige them to return the premium already collected, but allows the parties to renegotiate regarding insurance.

According to the latest data from the ASF – the supervisory body for insurance and pension funds (ASF), between May 13, 2020 and February 28, 2021, the pandemic caused insurance companies to reduce premiums by 5.2 million contracts, mostly in the insurance field. Vehicle insurance (2.4 million).

Also on about 5.6 million policies, mostly auto insurance (3.5 million), the validity of mandatory coverage has been extended by 60 days.

And the fund explained in a statement issued on the first of April (April): “The premiums have been reduced by about 1.3 million contracts covering activities that have been suspended or that have been significantly reduced, or whose institutions have been closed due to the exceptional and temporary measures that were adopted in response to the epidemic.” , referring to measures to support companies that have lower bills and not private policy holders.