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Defeat in DHP Final: Melsungan misses historic Cup victory |

Defeat in DHP Final: Melsungan misses historic Cup victory |

M.D. Melsungan

MT melcunkan tihecpi Cup final, lost, lost his first title in the club’s history – lemko lippe very strong opponent.



01:21 min.

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Axel Kierken MT Melsungan

The end of the audio contribution

Md Melsungan made club history when he reached the final, but winning the DHP Cup was not enough for North Hess. The team had to concede defeat to DPV Lemko Libe on Friday with 24:28. MT got off to a great start in the game, but then the so-called foreigner came back and led the break with 15:12. In the second round, defensive and weaknesses internal to the hot end of the group phase melcunk even had discussions.

“The disappointment is huge, we are empty,” said MD Board Member Axel Kierkegaard. “We will analyze it. It will continue on Sunday. We have no time to mourn.” The team is simply flat. “But – we didn’t want to look for excuses. We played very badly.”

Started strong, a lot lower

The 2,000 fans at the Hamburg arena saw a different final, in which Melsungan Pundeslica Eight and Lemco Eleven gave each other nothing for free. Melcankarkal ordered quickly. After all, the game masters Guy Hoffner and Tobias Reichman set the tone.

Twice North Hessey took a three-goal lead. But Lemco did it just like the night before against the hinge and didn’t impress the deficit. A few minutes later, in front of lipparlentar had three goals.

MT shows nerves

Lemco coach Florian Kehrman adjusted his team well after reading the video at night. His team clearly dominated against MT after the break. Jekkar through Finn’s last nerve and looting melcunkaraik.

The agile Lemcors often deceived the MT with lively attacks and profited from their quick actions. First played in 2005, MD melcunkan panteslika without interruption, never did receive a trophy reward, lost one of its greatest opportunity. Coach Gudmundur Gudmundsen’s team no longer seems to believe in a turn as the game progresses.

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