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DefesaNet – Nuclear – XIII SIEN

The Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Paulo Alvim, participated in the opening of the 13th International Symposium on Nuclear Energy (SIEN), which was held on Tuesday (11/08), at the headquarters of the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio. de Janeiro (Virgan), the center of the state capital.

In this edition, the theme of the event is “Nuclear Technology – A Friend of Climate, Man and Planet”. The meeting brings together professionals to discuss nuclear energy and its potential to benefit from the development of Brazilian industry and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases. The Minister stressed that the partnership between the public and private sectors is the main strategy! te; gy to encourage oversupply. More than just energy transmission, we are talking about energy supremacy. Nuclear energy plays a major role in this. “It’s a state project,” he said.

The seminar, which will be held by Casa Viva Eventos, will continue until Friday (11/10) and will address topics such as the role of nuclear energy in the energy transformation of the country and the world, its contribution to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, stringent security standards for its production, employment and job creation that can to provide the sector to the country.

At the table of “Cost of Nuclear Power x Climate Change – for a More Collaborative Matrix,” Eletronuclear’s nuclear engineer, Leonam Guimarães, criticized the view of nuclear power as a commodity. “There is a misconception! On the cost of nuclear power. There are many variables to calculating the cost of energy. Cost is not a measure of the value of a product. The service a wind farm provides is different from that provided by a hydroelectric power plant. You cannot compare,” he explained, considering that a production system The low-diversity power distribution has little reliability.

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The challenge I faced to restart the Angra 3 power plant project was the subject of discussion “Angra 3 – Milestone of Appeal – Contract Model and New Business Opportunities. Eletronuclear’s Head of Science, Technology, Innovation and Generation, Marcelo Gómez, said that in 2018, a group was created in the company to assess business continuity. They also decided to appoint BNDES to advise on creating a model within a specific financial, legal and regulatory framework. The biggest problem was the allocation of risk. The partnership with BNDES was key to putting it on! This model is on the rails. There are already people on the construction site turning to cement”, It also celebrates.

An employee of Nuclep (the company that manufactures equipment for Angra nuclear plants) for 27 years, industrial technician, graduate in engineering, Jairo Bastos, evaluates the 17 Millennium Goals, established by the United Nations, to improve life on the planet 11 can be achieved with the help of sustainable industrial development . But for that you need clean energy. He reported in his lecture that for every RRL invested in building a nuclear power plant, R$2 returned to the federal government.

These companies can be equipped with Brazilian machinery and equipment. The choice would be to import, create jobs abroad, and spend in dollars. the question ! It is not the cost of mastering technology. This is how valuable this domain is that few countries have.”

According to the National Energy Balance Report, released by the Energy Research Corporation (EPE), in 2021 Brazil used 44.7% of renewable energy, and 55.3% of non-renewable energy. Nuclear energy is equivalent to 1.3% of the total Brazilian array and reaches 5% worldwide.

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The event brings together participants from key companies in the nuclear sector, experts and authorities, such as ABDAN (Brazilian Association for the Advancement of Nuclear Activities); Deputy Director General and Head of the Nuclear Energy Department at the IAEA Mikhail Chudakov; ENBPar chiefs, Ney Zanella; From CNEN, Paulo Roberto Beer! Al-Tusi. From Eletronuclear, Eduardo de Souza Grivot Grand Court; From NUCLEP, Carlos Seixas; from INB, Carlos Freire; and the Technical Director of Amazol, Carlos Alberto Matías.