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Delay in vaccination against cowpea is linked to Australia supply shortfall

This content was released on March 31, 2021 – 04:42

SYDNEY (Australia), March 31 (EFE) .- Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Wednesday that his country was lagging behind in vaccinating against Covit-19 due to a lack of supply from abroad, and that Italy was blocking the shipment of Astrogenica vaccines.

Since the vaccine was officially launched on February 22, the Australian government has met only 15 per cent of its immunization target against the corona virus set in March.

The Morrison government promised to vaccinate about 4 million people by the end of March, and then revised it by the end of April, as part of a vaccination campaign aimed at providing immunizations to 25 million people, free of charge, by the end of October.

So far, 597,000 doses of Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccines have been administered, Chief Government Medical Officer Paul Kelly told reporters on Tuesday.

When asked about changing the target from March to April, Morrison pointed out that when it was set, “problems caused to us by vaccines that did not come from abroad” were not considered, and the edition emphasizes that setting goals is part of the policy. Australian from The Guardian.

Earlier this month, Italy, according to the European Commission (EC), blocked the shipment of the 250,000 dosage of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia, although the deal has already begun to distribute a similar drug produced domestically. Laboratory.

Shortly afterwards, the government promised that the siege would not affect the plan, although it called on the EU to reconsider the move.

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Vaccine supply in Australia has been hampered by the recent catastrophic floods that have hit Sydney and the country’s most populous state, New South Wales.

Vaccination delays have sparked conflicts between the Morrison government and states and territories, after Agriculture Minister David Little Proud accused them of stacking up these powers rather than distributing them.

Steven Miles, deputy head of the Queensland state government, says about 2.4 million Brisbane city dwellers this week have been controlled by the eruption of British diversity. About twenty people.

Australia, which has closed its international borders since March 2020, has amassed about 29,300 Covid-19 cases, including 909 deaths since the outbreak of the epidemic, most of which occurred in isolated centers for international travelers last year due to a second wave of security breaches in the middle. EFE

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