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Demonstrators storm the Russian airport

Demonstrators storm the Russian airport

A number of Russian Telegram channels reported on the riots on Sunday evening.

Russian Izvestia Several thousand rioters were initially reported near the airport, reportedly carrying anti-Israel posters and chanting pro-Palestine slogans.

The population of Dagestan is mostly Muslims.

Independent Russian newspaper online Medusa He writes that dozens of people must have stormed the amphitheater.

Pictures and videos said to be from the airport show a large group surrounding a plane on the runway.

Telegram channel Sot It was reported that special forces will be sent to the runway, while the channel Beware of the news Police reportedly jammed communications in the area to avoid coordinating further action.

At 19.45 Reuters reported that the airport was closed to arrivals and departures due to the presence of people on the runway. Incoming scheduled flights will be diverted to other airports.

According to what was reported by the independent Russian newspaper online mediazone Several “anti-Semitic” acts were organized in the North Caucasus over the weekend.

Before the airport storming, several Telegram channels reportedly posted claims about “Israeli refugees” on their way to Dagestan, the newspaper wrote, and encouraged people to participate in a rally near the airport and check cars.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it considered the riots to be “serious attempts to harm Israelis or Jews,” Reuters reported.

Dagbladet updates the issue!

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