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Dengue cases in Fortaleza increase by 149% in 2023 |  cities

Dengue cases in Fortaleza increase by 149% in 2023 | cities

Identifying Aedes aegypti outbreaks is one way to control the disease

Fortaleza has recorded 662 cases of dengue fever in Fortaleza as of March 10, according to the Municipal Health Secretariat’s (SMS) Arbovirus Epidemiological Bulletin. At least 594 notifications are still being investigated. The number of confirmations is up 65% since the last bulletin, which moved issue aggregation through March 4th.

In the same period in 2022, the city recorded 265 cases of dengue fever. This means that in 10 weeks, Fortaleza has confirmed 149% more cases of arthrovirus infection in 2023 than in the first 10 weeks of 2022.

According to the document, dengue cases are mainly clustered in the neighborhoods of Barra do Ceará, Cristo Redentor, and Pirambu, in Regional District I, in Autran Nunes, in District IV, and in Genibaú, in District V.

For Nelio Moraes, coordinator of health surveillance in Fortaleza, although the number of cases is within the expected range, progress in notifications generates a “warning signal”. According to him, the scenario indicates the trend of increasing cases.

The coordinator explains that historically the most dangerous period for dengue cases in the capital is from the sixteenth to the twenty-second epidemic week, that is, from the second half of April to the beginning of June. So, since the period has yet to come and notifications have increased exponentially from week to week, the goal is to limit the number of cases.

Dengue fever in Fortaleza infected 195 children 0-9 years old, 288 10-18 year olds, 1574 adults 19-59 years old and 111 elderly people. Nélio asks people not to neglect taking care of the breeding grounds of the Aedes aegypti mosquito in and around the home.

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It is reported that in 2022, five people died of dengue fever in Fortaleza and 19 died of chikungunya, which is transmitted by the same mosquito. In 2023, no deaths due to viruses transmitted by arthropods will be recorded.

They demand from us, from the municipality, our performance. Connect with your neighborhood. Supervise the house once a week, checking for outbreaks and locating breeding sites. It takes 10 to 15 minutes. It’s health,” he asks.

The coordinator says that when mosquito outbreaks or their presence in the home or in the community are identified, it is possible to contact the regional secretariat in charge of the place to contact endemic agents who can analyze the situation. The citizen can also contact the municipality building via the number 156.

Common symptoms of dengue:

  • High fever (>38°C) lasting 2 to 7 days
  • headache
  • Body and joint pain
  • Prostration
  • weakness
  • Pain behind the eye
  • Red spots on the skin