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Dengue death toll rises to 56 in Republika Srpska - Rádio Guaíba

Dengue death toll rises to 56 in Republika Srpska – Rádio Guaíba

Photo: SES / Disclosure

The State Department of Health (SES) confirmed two more deaths from dengue fever, in Novo Hamburgo, on Friday afternoon. With the update, the total number of deaths in Rio Grande do Sul, since January, has reached 56. In less than six months, more than 43,000 cases have been confirmed – most of them original, when a patient falls ill without traveling. Of the 27 people hospitalized with dengue, six are currently receiving care in the intensive care unit.

According to the volume, the year 2022 set a record in the historical series of dengue fever in Republika Srpska, in terms of the number of deaths and contamination. Last year, for example, ended with 10,000 infections and 11 deaths, while 2020 had 3,000 infections, and three deaths. Prior to that, the only years in which there were deaths from dengue were 2015 and 2016, with two deaths and one death, respectively.

Of the 56 deaths already confirmed, six were among people aged 60 to 69, 18 were in the 70 to 79 age group, and 20 were among patients aged 80 and over.

Novo Hamburgo, with eight deaths, leads in lost lives, ahead of Igrinha (6), Horizontina (5), Porto Alegre (4) and La Liga (4).

The most common symptoms of dengue fever include fever, muscle aches (muscle aches), headache (headache), pain behind the eyes, nausea, vomiting, joint pain, and red spots on the body.

The main preventive measure is the elimination of places with stagnant water, which serve as points for the development of the larvae of the vector insect. Treatment of dengue virus infection mainly depends on adequate hydration, taking into account the symptoms displayed by the patient.

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Cities with confirmed deaths in 2022:

Southern Amethyst: 1
Boa Vista de Borica: 2
Southern Waterfall: 2
Chapada: 1
Condor: 1
Southern Crystal: 1
Two brothers: 1
Erechim: 1
Old resort: 1
Horizontina: 5
Chapel: 6
Jabuticaba: 3
Slab: 4
New Candelaria: 1
New hartz: 1
New Hamburg: 8
New Ax: 1
Barubi: 2
Porto Alegre: 4
Pottinga: 1
Rotor: 3
Santa Rosa: 1
Sao Leopoldo: 3
Sapucaia do Sul: 1
Siberian: 1