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Dengue deaths break record in South Carolina and Brazil in 2023

Dengue deaths break record in South Carolina and Brazil in 2023

The state broke the record for dengue deaths for the second year in a row (Photo: Agência Brasil)

The year 2023 saw a record number of deaths from dengue fever in Santa Catarina and also in Brazil.
In the state, 98 deaths have been confirmed so far. The number exceeds the 90 deaths recorded last year, which actually represented a jump in the number of victims of the disease. Before that, the highest number of deaths was in 2021, with seven. The data is from the Directorate of Epidemiological Surveillance (Dive-SC) and is updated until December 18.

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In Brazil, the record number of deaths due to dengue fever was reached after the country reached 1,079 deaths due to the disease. Before that, the largest number of victims in an entire year occurred in 2022, with a record 1,053. The next is 2015, with 986 deaths.

The national data comes from the Notified Diseases Information System (SINAN Online) and was released on Wednesday (27) by the Ministry of Health.

The ministry also reported that, with the expected increase in cases, about 11,700 health workers have been trained in 2023 in the clinical management, surveillance and control of arboviruses, infections caused by viruses mainly transmitted by mosquitoes. The Ministry promises to invest 256 million Brazilian riyals in strengthening the surveillance of these diseases.

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The vaccine has been integrated into the SUS list

Dengue vaccine is listed on the 21st list of immunization agents available in the Unified Health System (SUS). However, it will not be widely used initially, as the manufacturing laboratory, Takeda, said it has limited capacity to supply doses. Vaccination will focus on general and priority areas, with strategies for using available doses scheduled for the first weeks of January 2024.

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Dengue fever in Santa Catarina

70,815 (2023) – + 7.56%
65,837 (2022)

the suspects
245,842 (2023) – + 78.73%
137,551 (2022)

119,429 (2023) – +42.69%
83,696 (2022)

98 (2023)
90 (2022)
7 (2021)

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