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Dengue fever: Blumenau received a smoke diving vehicle to fight Aedes aegypti

Dengue fever: Blumenau received a smoke diving vehicle to fight Aedes aegypti

Last Tuesday, 22nd, endemic disease agents of the Department of Health Promotion (Semus) received a boost from the Government’s Epidemic Surveillance Board (DIVE) in the fight against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito. That’s because, from January so far, Blumenau has already registered 365 notifications. Among these cases, there are 94 confirmed cases, with 13 imported cases and 81 original cases, that is, contracted in the city.

Dave’s car carried out automated spraying, ramping up procedures on Enginheiro Wettanauer and Maria Balbina Zimmermann Streets, at the agricultural school, where there are records of contaminated mosquitoes transmitting the disease. Town hall agents advised people to open the doors and windows of homes and businesses to make it easier for the pesticides to work. The product, according to biologists, is not harmful to humans or animals.

Since January, the municipality’s endemic agents have continued to manually spray with ultra-low volume (UBV), known as haze, in the Escola Agrícola neighborhood, which concentrates on 50% of the pollution sites in the municipality. The neighborhoods of Garcia, Velha Itopava Norte, Agua Verde and Vila Nova are also serviced.

Currently, out of the city’s 35 neighborhoods, 17 are considered endemic and are monitored daily. They are: Água Verde, Centro, Do Salto, Escola Agrícola, Garcia, Fortaleza, Itoupavazinha, Itoupava Norte, Itoupava Seca, Jardim Blumenau, Ponta Aguda, Salto do Norte, Tribess, Velha, Velha Central, Vila Nova and Victor Konder.

Epidemiological surveillance issued an alert
Last Wednesday, 16, the municipal epidemiological surveillance department issued a warning note to primary health care units. This announcement came as a result of the high number of dengue fever cases registered in the municipality. Aedes aegypti is responsible for transmitting dengue, yellow fever, Zika and chikungunya.

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From January through Tuesday the 22nd, customers identified 1,667 outbreaks of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. In the same period last year, there were 1,199 outbreaks, which is a 39% increase in this period.

Signs and symptoms
The first manifestation of dengue fever is a rise in temperature (39° to 40°C) from a sudden onset, which lasts from two to seven days, and is associated with headache, weakness, body aches, joints and back. Spots are present on the body in 50% of cases, and they can affect the face, trunk, arms and legs. Loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting may also occur.

People who show symptoms should seek care at ESF or AG units. Seeking care in case of suspicion makes it possible to avoid deterioration of the condition and even its progression to death.

Communications Consultant: Joao Vitor Cork

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