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HomescienceDengue Fever Bulletin - 2/5/2024 - Blumenau City Hall

Dengue Fever Bulletin – 2/5/2024 – Blumenau City Hall

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With the aim of intensifying the control of Aedes aegypti, endemic agents continue to inspect homes, warehouses, vacant plots and commercial establishments in search of mosquito infestations. Since the last bulletin issued on April 30, the city has recorded 479 cases of the disease. The cumulative total since the first week of 2024 is 38,952 probable cases. Of these, 28,289 are under investigation, 10,663 have been confirmed and 17 deaths have been recorded. There are 24 people admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and 46 people in the ward.

It is worth noting that all possible cases are reported, suspected, confirmed and inconclusive cases, with the exception of cases that have been excluded. This way, all suspected cases present in the system will be considered probable. This allows a more accurate analysis of the situation.

Regarding the cases “under investigation” since the last bulletin, the epidemiological surveillance reports that it has formed a work team, and as a result, no increase in the number of cases “under investigation” has been recorded. In fact, the team was able to reduce the number of cases awaiting investigation.

Signs and symptoms
The first manifestation of dengue fever is a high temperature (39° to 40° C) with sudden onset, lasting two to seven days, and associated with headache, weakness and pain in the body, joints and back of the eyes. The spots appear on the body in 50% of cases, and can affect the face, torso, arms and legs. There may also be loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

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Dengue Care Centre
To ensure care for all patients and to assist in the reception of health units and as support for hospitals, a Dengue Care Center (CAD) has been established in Blumenau. The place has received improvements and now has a comfortable and restricted space for injections. There are 60 seats available for residents who require a stay of more than 5 hours in the Intravenous and Subcutaneous Drug Administration Center.

Both the CAD and infusion space are located at Furb's Campus 3, on Rua São Paulo, 2,171. The 20-person multidisciplinary team — made up of doctors, nurses and nursing technicians — operates in an open-door format, seven days a week, including holidays, with extended hours from 7 a.m. to midnight. The space continues to operate 24 hours a day only as a humidification reference for health units and hospitals.

How to prevent the spread of Aedes aegypti
* Eliminate standing water from all containers.
* Avoid using dishes in plant pots. If you use them, add sand to the edge;
* Store bottles with the neck facing down;
* Keep litter boxes covered;
* Always leave water tanks closed, without any opening, especially water tanks;
* Plants such as bromeliads should be avoided, as they accumulate water;
* Treat the swimming pool water with chlorine and clean it once a week;
* Keep drains covered with fine mesh to prevent mosquitoes from reaching the area;
* Wash containers containing water tanks, such as animal food bowls and water bowls, with a brush or sponge and detergent, at least once a week;
* If the container must contain water, such as in the case of drains, use hypochlorite;
* Remove water accumulated on the panels.
* Flush toilets, at least once a week, in bathrooms that are rarely used;
* Keep the toilet lid closed;
* Avoid accumulating garbage, as it can become a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes.

Residents can also report places with potential mosquito infestations by contacting the Dengue Control Program, through OuvidorSUS at phone 156 (option 4) or by phone 3381-7770. Service takes place Monday to Friday, from 8am to 12pm and from 1pm to 5pm.

Communications Consultant: Elaine Malheiros

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