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Dengue numbers continue to grow in Palmas even in the dry season |  Tocantins

Dengue numbers continue to grow in Palmas even in the dry season | Tocantins

Tocantins is in the middle of the driest period of the year, but you can’t neglect dengue fever. According to the Palmas Health Department, 10,174 cases of dengue, 2,413 cases of chikungunya and four cases of Zika virus were confirmed in the city between January and September 1.

In the same period last year, 1,076 cases of dengue fever, 20 cases of chikungunya and nine cases of Zika virus were confirmed.

The numbers are alarming, as there has been no rain in the city for months, but the Aedes aegypti mosquito has managed to reproduce and transmit diseases.

In the last epidemiological week alone, from August 21 to 27, 127 cases of dengue, 35 cases of chikungunya and ten cases of Zika were reported as suspected. There are no suspects of yellow fever.

In the previous week, from August 14-20, 178 cases of dengue, 60 cases of chikungunya and three cases of Zika were reported as suspected.

mosquito care

The main protection against disease is not to let the Aedes multiply. To avoid this, it is necessary to eliminate sources of standing water, which in 70% of cases are inside the dwellings.

Here’s what to do to fight Aedes aegypti:

  • Avoid using dishes in potted plants. If using, add sand to the rim;
  • Store the bottles with the neck facing down;
  • keep litter boxes covered;
  • Always leave tanks used to store water closed, without any openings, especially water tanks;
  • Plants such as bromeliads should be avoided because they collect water.
  • treat the pool water with chlorine and clean it once a week;
  • keep drains closed and unclogged;
  • clean the animals’ food and water utensils at least once a week;
  • remove the water that has accumulated on the boards;
  • rinse, at least once a week, in toilets that are rarely used and always keep the lid closed;
  • Avoid accumulating debris, as they can become mosquito breeding sites.
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