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Dengue progresses and Mato Grosso do Sul has the second highest incidence of the disease in Brazil

Epidemiological bulletin issued on Friday (27) by Ministry of Health It indicates that Mato Grosso do Sul is the second state with the highest rate of cases dengue fever In the country, with 4,898.6 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, only Goias, with 5,101.9 cases, is behind.

The disease showed significant progression in MS, as the state was not among the states with the highest incidence of dengue in the previous week.

The number of confirmed deaths as of May 23 in MS is 12, lower than the whole of 2021, for example. The state’s confirmed dengue case fatality rate is 0.11, the seventh highest in the country.

Dengue fever report

In the past week alone, there have been three confirmed deaths from dengue fever in Mato Grosso do Sul, According to the report by SES (State Department of Health).

According to the bulletin, the two victims were 51-year-old men residing in São Gabriel do Oeste, and the other two, aged 81 and 94, from Campo Grande.

According to the bulletin also, the 81-year-old started showing symptoms of dengue on May 14 and could not resist, and she died on the 19th day, in just five days.

MS records, this year, deaths from dengue fever recorded in Campo Grande (6), São Gabriel do Oeste (1), Chapadao do Sul (1), Aparecida de Tabado (1), Doradena (1), Itapura (1) and Goya. Lopez da Lagoon (1).

Dengue control measures

SES (Secretary of State for health) Held a meeting with representatives of the State Committee for Arbovirusesset up by 40 public and private bodies, to discuss the fight against dengue, Zika and Chikungunya in Mato Grosso do Sulthis Tuesday (24).

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According to the Minister of State for Health, Flavio Brito, the meeting is important to determine the next steps. “We know it’s an old war, we all know, without exception, in any municipality in the state, what it takes to fight these diseases. If we take at least 15 minutes a week to clean our homes and our land, that makes a lot of difference. Unfortunately, we already have nine deaths registered, so it is important that we all participate in this fight,” he emphasizes.

Arboviruses technical advisor Ministry of Health, Pablo Fontura, reports that there has been a 100% increase in dengue cases in the country. “We realized that in Mato Grosso do Sul it was no different. That is why we want to strengthen surveillance, assistance and vector control in Mato Grosso do Sul”, he explains.

According to the SES military advisor, the entities that are part of the state commission are necessary to combat arboviruses in the state. “We hope that these entities will help us develop measures to combat these diseases, especially from 20 to 24 June – during Dengue Awareness Week. In particular, on 24 June, we, together with the municipalities, will carry out clean-up work in those municipalities with a high incidence of disease,” he comments.

Some representatives of the Ministry of Health are in Mato Grosso do Sul to strengthen surveillance and vector control measures, as well as supply management, clinical and laboratory management training, and debate on the disease panorama in the state. The technicians will remain at MS until next Thursday (26th) and will participate in various confrontation activities.

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