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Dengue Weekly Report The total number of cases of the disease in Paraná is 301

Saud III 27 10 2021The Dengue Weekly Bulletin published on Tuesday (26/10) by the State Department of Health records 301 confirmed cases in Paraná. There are 15 more cases than the previous bulletin. The data are from the 10th dengue epidemiological report, from the new seasonal period of the disease, which started on August 1 and will continue until July 2022.

counties – New confirmed cases were recorded in Londrina (6), Foz do Iguaçu (3), Colorado (2), Mandaguasso (1), Paraiso do Norte (1), Perola (1) and Roncador (1).

Investigation – There are still 1,785 cases under investigation, and 244 municipalities have registered dengue notifications, which increased from 6,035 to 6,736. The state has not recorded any deaths during this period.

incident “We are entering a period of dengue cases. Therefore, in addition to the already known measures to prevent and prevent the spread, it is important for the population to feel symptoms such as a sudden onset of high temperature accompanied by headache, pain in the body, red spots on the body and malaise, to seek medical advice”, warns the Minister of State for Health, Beto Brito.

prompt service – According to him, in cases that develop with severe abdominal pain, vomiting, dizziness, bleeding or bruising on the skin, it is necessary to seek emergency care. “It is important to avoid self-treatment, as there are contraindications for use in case of dengue fever,” he added.

mixed diagnosis – “Since many diseases have similar symptoms, it is up to the health services to make a differential diagnosis between them, especially in this time when the current Covid-19 epidemic is still present,” emphasized Dr. Eneas Cordeiro de Souza Filho, from the Department of Vector-borne Diseases. . (Parana News Agency)

Check out the full report Here.

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