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Denis Shapovalov: “I had a very bad time in Australia”

Canadian tennis player Denis Shapolov He appeared before the media at a press conference to review today’s victory over John-Leonard Struff. Apart from this, he acknowledged his awkwardness in how the round is going at the moment, noting that he would play very few games this season if the matches were fitted with bubbles.

The Canadian player confirmed that he will not be competing in the Monte Carlo Masters 1000, and that his idea is to play in tournaments he has never played before and not need a bubble to play it: “I’m trying to get out of a bubble as much as possible. I did not want to enjoy it so I came to Dubai to train and relax, I left Rotterdam because I was not ready.I try to play small tournaments and sometimes new tournaments like this.I hope this helps me because it is new, I have a routine I do not know life. It’s very special for me to see new tracks, new restaurants or new experiences. Everything will be easier for me if I decide to do this. “

Reiterating the bubbles, Denise Shapolov talks about how bad things happened in Australia a month ago: “I’m not going to play a lot of tennis if I need a bubble to play it in most matches. It’s very hard to play mentally. Locked in a room. It’s amazing to be able to play tournaments, but under those conditions you’re reducing your interest. I ‘m trying to do something different this year’s game, “he said. Shapovalov admitted that he would not play a large number of games.

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The Canadian player was able to bring down the German John-Leonard Struff today, which seemed complicated in a crowd, and it was finally a walk to good tennis: “Despite the win I have to admit it was not an easy win. I was a little nervous at the beginning of the game, but was able to manage those emotions,” I was finally able to play my game. I was successful in service and the rest, the tracks are very fast, so it’s good for my style. Play a lot. Now is the time to relax as much as possible to be as fresh as possible for the game against the Harks, “concluded Shapovalov.