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Denmark: Candy Crush bomb: – Pay cuts

Denmark: Candy Crush bomb: – Pay cuts

Things went well when a large staff meeting was recently organized for Matas in the Danish town of Hemmellebeek.

Several store employees have expressed frustration with their colleagues’ long toilet breaks, they write Extra Magazine.

Warning: Eye drops are used

The Danish newspaper had access to an inside – and very interesting – note from the meeting.

The memo states, according to the newspaper, that many Matas employees take extended toilet breaks so that others cannot use the toilets.

A manager is said to have suggested that employees who spend too much time on the toilet, such as playing Candy Crush, should be deducted from wages.

After artist and TV personality Peter Andre posted this video on Instagram, criticism abounded in the comments section. Video: Peter Andre. Correspondent: Bjørge Dahle Johansen / Dagbladet TV
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– Candy Crush unlocks

This was stated by the so-called luxury ambassador, according to Extra Bladet:

Very long toilet visits. That is, you do what needs to be done, instead of finding Facebook to scroll, or open Candy Crush, or whatever they do.

I checked the game camera - I got the opposite

I checked the game camera – I got the opposite

The manager’s conclusion should be that long-term employees should not be paid while they are there.

– If you can’t manage to visit the toilet in less than three minutes, you should be stamped, as claimed in the note.

Popularity: Matas, pictured here in Odense, Denmark, sells makeup and wellness products.  Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Trending: Matas, pictured here in Odense, Denmark, sells makeup and wellness products. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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new message

After the newspaper ran into the food chain, a new letter was sent to all employees.

Here the principal withdraws the decision and tells everyone to ignore the point about toilet visits.

He writes that he apologizes if anyone misunderstood him, or if he wasn’t clear enough.

– The point in the minutes was written more simply than it was presented at the general meeting, he wrote, according to the newspaper.

He claims that the unpaid toilet visits were intended only to suggest that the contested toilet visits be exceeded in a “reasonable time”.

Intimate photo sharing: - Shameful

Intimate photo sharing: – Shameful

Propose a temporary solution

In a written response, Matas Communications Director Klaus Frieddorf wrote that the desire to manage time in the toilets comes from the staff because many colleagues used the toilet to use their cell phones for 20-30 minutes at a time.

– The request for three to four minutes was a temporary solution proposed by the boss, and accepted by the employees themselves at a meeting between management and employee representatives, he writes, and concludes:

– But the official toilet-break time requirement is of course inconsistent with our public policy and values ​​in the region.

Ekstra Bladet wrote that the Matas in Humlebæk would now try to solve the toilet problem in other ways.

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