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Denmark: - Corona rebellion: - Ugly

Denmark: – Corona rebellion: – Ugly

– Totally grotesque.

These are the words of Christian Norgaard, chief political advisor to Horista, an industry organization for the hotel and restaurant industry in Denmark, to the Danish newspaper BT.

It reacts aggressively to the rules that currently apply to restaurants, bars and cafes in Denmark, where they have to close their doors at 23, while the flow stops an hour earlier.

Danish solution: June 11, you can use your corona certificate in Norway. Espen Rostrop Nakstad, assistant director of health, doesn’t think certification will play an equally important role in everyday life, as it does in Denmark.
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strong encouragement

A stark contrast if you turn back the clock for a year and then it can be kept until midnight, without a bandage, the corona passes or someone is warmly vaccinated.

It is strange that today we are subject to more stringent requirements than we were a year ago. The obvious appeal here is to remove as many restrictions as possible as quickly as possible, because that costs the industry 1.5 billion.

On Wednesdays, Nørgaard and the nightlife industry can hear their prayers. The next phase of reopening will then be negotiated at the Department of Justice.

several settlements

According to BT, opening hours, requirements for face masks and Corona permits will be the main topics of conversation.

We enter into these negotiations with the clear expectation that they will end with a specific date for the gradual abolition of all restrictions, says Soren Pape Poulsen of the CP to BT

It also settles on the Corona rules in the country.

– We will consider where we compare now with last summer. More than 40 percent of Danish people received their first vaccine injection, and hospital treatment numbers have been low for a long time. Pape Poulsen, who himself was Denmark’s minister of justice from 2016 to 2019, says the state shouldn’t be nannies when Danes are so good.

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The Danish People’s Party and the Liberal Party also support the view that restrictions should be eased in the neighboring country.

We are moving toward brighter times with more vaccinations for each passing day. It should provide a more free framework, Lislot Blixt of the Danish People’s Party tells BT.

There is political agreement that the restrictions will fall when everyone over the age of 50 is in the process of being vaccinated, and here we are. In my view, there is no reason to maintain this level of restrictions, Martin Gertsen of the Liberal Party tells the newspaper.

At the beginning of June, bars on well-known party street Jomfru Ane Gade were closed for two weeks to limit the spread of infection in Aalborg.

According to TV 2 Danmark, half of Aalborg’s injuries can be traced back to Festgata.