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Denmark: Dance qualified for the brief eighth place of the competition

Russia – Denmark. They did! Denmark’s win over Russia (4-1), along with Belgium’s (2-0) win over Finland, allowed Caspar Hullmond’s men to check their ticket to the knockout stages of Euro 2020. Summary of the meeting.

23:24 – Summary of the match

At the start of the match against Russia, Dance had no choice. Last in Group B with 0 points, they had to win by at least two goals against the Russians, but expect a Belgian victory against the Finns to qualify for the round of 16 of the tournament. Caspar Hullmond’s men did not disappoint the many spectators who traveled to Copenhagen on the lawn of the Bargan Stadium. From the first minutes of the meeting the dancers started on the floor with their feet. They were logically rewarded before the break with a good goal from Tomcord (38th). On his return from the locker room, a major error by the Russian defense allowed Dance to reach the goal of the break through Bulson (59th). But then the Danish slowed down. Russian striker Artem Djoba reduced the score to 70 from the penalty spot. The (2-1) score was then in favor of the Russian qualifier. But it did not count on Dance’s determination and was not defeated by the score reduction. Through stubbornness, Denmark was able to quickly widen the gap in succession. First on the Christensen (80th) missile, then on a strike at the Maheel (82nd). At the same time, Eden Hazard’s team won (2-0) against Finland. A great scene that allowed Dance to qualify for the knockout stages, when it was the last before the crowd kicked off.

23:04 – XXL performance from Denmark

Caspar Hullmond’s men’s remarkable performance, scoring 4 goals this evening to check tickets for the 16th round of the tournament. The 1998 World Cup and victory over Nigeria (4-1) was the first time that Danes had scored 4 goals in a single match in a major match.

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22:58 – Christensen cannon filmed on video

What a purpose! Defenders Andreas Christensen scored a superb goal, scoring Dance (2-1) in hopes of qualifying for eighth place.

22:52 – Denmark qualifies for eighth place

Dance’s best performance against the Russians. Caspar Hullmond’s men won (4-1) after a solid match. A big win combined with the Belgians’ victory over the Finns allows Danes to qualify for the knockout stages of Euro 2020.

22:49 – The end of the match (1-4)!

Denmark’s superiority is undeniable. At the end of the meeting, possession of the ball was clear for its advantage (61% against 39% for Russia), and Dance also created more serious chances, aiming for 10 shots against 2 shots on goal. To Russia, and therefore win this meeting logically (1-4).

22:46 – Dance spins the ball

Dance saves time by spinning the ball. With this decision against Russia and Belgium’s win over Finland (1-0), Caspar Hullmond’s men qualified for eighth place.

22:45 – Changes for Denmark

Recent changes in Denmark: Replaced by Pride White and Delaney Cornelius and Jensen. Caspar Hullmond is already preparing for the next match.

22:39 – And 4!

What a crowd! Two minutes after the Christensen missile, Joachim Muhlev’s shot in front of the Russian surface hits the mark and deceives the Russian porter. Dance is approaching 16 rounds.

22:37 – Den Goal for Denmark (1-4)!

Joachim Mehle scored for Denmark in the 82nd minute of the second period.

22:36 – What cannon was fired from Christensen!

The Chelsea defender scored an amazing goal. The ball came back to him in a laborious release from the Russians, and he put everything he had on this ass strike. What a purpose!

22:35 – Den Goal for Denmark (1-3)!

Andreas Christensen found the back of the net for Denmark in the 79th minute of this second period!

22:33 – Yellow card for Diva

The third yellow card of the meeting, the second to Russia. Igor Divev is warned to misbehave on Martin Brightwhite.

22:29 – Change to Denmark

New change for Denmark: Tomscart, the scorer tonight, is being replaced by Norcard.

22:28 – Djibouti does not tremble

Zenith Saint-Petersburg striker took his sentence right. By hitting hard, full axis, he didn’t give Caspar Schmidt a chance.

22:25 – Russia Goal for Russia (1-2)!

Artem Djibouta scored for Russia in the 70th minute of the second period.

22:24 – Russia fined!

French referee Clement Durbin whistled a penalty in Russia’s favor after Westergard defrauded Sopole.

22:22 – Changes for Russia

Russian coach Stanislav Cherchesov makes his first changes: Miransuk and Ostov are replaced by Sopolev and Gemaletinov.

22:20 – Change to Denmark

Danish coach Caspar Hullmond makes his first changes: Dolberg and Larsen to replace Paulsen and Vaas.

22:18 – What a Russian mistake!

Roman Chopin’s incredible mistake. The Russian defender plays his goalkeeper again and Yusuf Paulsen gets a chance to rescue him and fool Madway Safono on the left. Real gift from Russia.

22:15 – Den Goal for Denmark (0-2)!

Yusuf Paulsen scored for his team in the 59th minute of this second half!

22:13 – Yellow card for Delaney

The second yellow card of this meeting between Denmark and Russia. Too late in Roman Chopin, Thomas Delaney logically gets a yellow card.

22:07 – Dictator Divyev

Nice joint action from Dance. Deep dangerous ball to Paulson and the wonderful intervention of the Russian defender pushing the ball to touch clean.

22:04 – Russian intensity

The Russians started this second act with their feet on the ground. The great intensity and many duels won by the men of Stanislav Cerseso. The Russians no longer wanted to suffer like the first 45 minutes.

22:03 – Mahal stays on the ground

Joachim Mahley is on the floor and writes in pain after contact. Dane leaves the field, unsure of the moment he will return.

22:02 – Denmark in search of a second goal

Let’s move on to the second action. After a good first half, Danes wants to drive home the second goal that could qualify for the knockout stages of the tournament if Finland lose against Benjamin.

22:01 – Beginning of the 2nd half.

The second half was kicked by the match referee in Copenhagen. The score is 0-1.

21:55 – Denmark is logically ahead

Those who dominated from the start of the meeting, Caspar Hullmond’s men are logically leading (1-0) thanks to a goal from Michael Tomskard. As a result the Danes have temporarily remained in third place with the Russians. But look at the eleven of Stanislav Cerseso who got so many hot acts in the first act. Russia did not say its last word.

21:48 – Tomcard’s goal in the video

Discover Denmark midfielder Michael Tomskard’s fantastic goal in the video. A powerful strike from 25 meters ending in the Russian skylight.

21:46 – This is half time in Copenhagen between Russia and Denmark

At half-time, possession of the ball is mostly in Denmark’s favor (69% against Russia 31%), which also leads to the score (0-1). Both systems created several chances in front of the opposing goalkeeper.

21:43 – The leader of Westercard!

We approached the goal of the break just before half time. In a Danish corner, Westerkort takes the skull of the cross. His effort is very close to launching back towards the Delaney goal. Dance pushes before the break.

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