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Denmark opens: - He throws the muzzle and opens to 25,000 spectators

Denmark opens: – He throws the muzzle and opens to 25,000 spectators

– The Minister of Health, Magnus Heunick, said it was a remarkable reopening of Danish society after an agreement was reached in the Danish Parliament just before 4 pm on Thursday.

Among other things, it was decided that the vast majority of restrictions in Denmark would be the date by September, where the goal is that only nightlife is subject to restrictions.

We are in a favorable situation in Denmark, where there is reason to face summer with optimism. The development of infection has reached a stable level, while vaccination of Danes continues at a good pace, Justice Minister Nick Heckerup said in a press release.

The Minister of Health shares the optimism.

– Infection is on the way down, 2.5 million people have received at least one vaccination bite and good weather is in our favor, he says.

This is the plan

  • The mouthpiece can be thrown from Monday 14 June – except for passengers standing on public transport.
  • From Friday, June 11, restaurant hours will be extended from 22 to 24, with a plan in place to be able to remain open until 2am on July 15.
  • For restaurants where guests are primarily seated, the distance requirement will also be eliminated from July 1.
  • From July 1, up to 250 people can also be gathered inside.
  • From Monday, Corona passports will also be phased out in places where the risk of infection is low. This includes libraries, leisure activities and associations.
The final stage: In Denmark, the plan is to provide a corona passport to be canceled in most places by September 1.  Tom Little / AFP / NTB
get rid of: In Denmark, the plan is for the requirement to submit a Corona passport to be removed in most places by September 1. Tom Little / AFP / NTB
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  • From Monday, June 14, all pupils in elementary and middle schools, as well as high school, can return. However, it is recommended that students test themselves twice a week. The same goes for Danes who want to go back to the office.
  • From September 1, the requirement to submit a Corona passport will be removed entirely in most places. However, there is still a requirement to submit Corona passes at outdoor events with more than 2,000 spectators, at indoor events with parking spaces, and at nightlife.
  • It is also open to 25,000 spectators at the Parken Arena in Copenhagen for Denmark’s European Championship matches, with the first match already taking place on Saturday, when the Danes meet Finland. Dansk Boldspil-Union says, though Danish TV 2 They will not be ready to receive so many spectators in two days. The limit was originally set at just under 16,000.
  • From September 1, the plan is that it will also be possible to go to a nightclub, and without other restrictions, if a Corona card can be presented. Nightclubs have been closed since March 2020.
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(Source: BT, Ekstra Bladet, NTB)


In Denmark, the Corona passport, which will, among other things, guarantee safe travel for Europeans this summer, has already been used for a few weeks, while Norway will release its first version of the Corona passport on Friday.

How to use the passport locally in Norway, will be presented in Step 3 of the reopening plan, next week, NTB writes.

In Denmark, there is extensive use of the passport, which is obtained after vaccination, coronary heart disease or a negative test that does not exceed 72 hours. Among other things, it must be presented to visit restaurants, bars and amusement parks.

Even if the requirement to provide a Corona passport is removed for some places where the risk of infection is low, there will still be heavy use of it, says Justice Minister Hækkerup according to the NTB.

In Denmark, it has also been opened for travel without quarantine for a few weeks, to the country designated as Yellow Country. There you only need to pay attention to your personal safety, and Ten-day quarantine is released after return.

Warning: Health Minister Bint Hoi warns against spreading this on social media. Video: the government
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Norway can unlock more this week

Unlike Denmark, Norway has chosen to stay away from the dates set in its reopening plan. In this country, the main rule is that there should be at least three weeks between each move, with room for adjustments.

Next week, the government will assess whether it is justified for Norway to move to step 3 of National reopening plan. Among other things, it is open for normal service times and is considered to increase the maximum number of people who can gather in both private and public spaces. It may also be appropriate for more people to gather at the events.

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On Wednesday, 904 new cases of infection were recorded in Denmark. 122 patients with corona were transferred to the hospital.

The agreement states that if infections rise alarmingly, the health service is overburdened, or new and viral variants of concern spread rapidly, the stages of reopening can be postponed.

A press conference on Denmark’s reopening plan was announced at 12 noon on Thursday.