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Denmark: - Stop as the sky rises per mile

Denmark: – Stop as the sky rises per mile

that it The Danish news agency Ritzau Who writes that the police stopped a motorcyclist in the Danish city of Farmdrop.

South East Jutland police said they had tested the motorcyclist’s blood alcohol level, which turned out to be of the exceptional type.

The test showed that a man in his forties had a four in a thousand. Alcohol limit 0.5.

According to, there is a four or more risk of unconsciousness and death.

– It was a worried citizen who alerted the police because the motorcyclist was driving unsafe, writes Ritzau.

The man was stopped at Farmdrop Square, a town outside Kolding with a population of just under 5,000.

Brommel’s answer: Andreas Doll blows 0.34 per mile into his Dräger 6820 professional alcohol meter, the same as police use. Values ​​were measured against six other air analyzers. Here you get the answer on which spirometer you can trust and which one you should stay away from. All photos/videos: Christian Ruth Christensen
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Police accused the man of driving under the influence of alcohol, and confiscated his motorbike.

Driving more than 2.0 per mile is considered “crazy driving” in Denmark. It also allows the police to deprive people of vehicles with the possibility of having them confiscated later.

The decision of confiscation must be from the court. In the event of confiscation, the Danish state takes over ownership of the vehicle. These rules came into effect in 2021.

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