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Denmark – The details are shocking: – I’ve never seen her before

Denmark – The details are shocking: – I’ve never seen her before

– never. I have never seen a corpse so violently dismembered.

This is how retired forensic pathologist Hans-Peter Hugen describes the brutal dismemberment described in the indictment. A 37-year-old man charged with the murder of Mia Scadhaug Stephen must appear in court this summer.

He writes Danish BTwho spoke to what they described as a somewhat shocking forensic pathologist.

The body is divided into 231 parts

According to the indictment, the perpetrator divided her body into 231 parts, and then hid it in different places in a forest a few kilometers away from his home.

– It’s a task that pathologists faced. None of us are used to dealing with cases of this magnitude. Hogan says I’ve never tried anything like this before.

According to BT, he has over 12,000 autopsies behind him, so he’s seen a lot — but he’d never heard of large-scale autopsies.

Mia (22 years old) was found dead

I was raped and mutilated

Stephen, who was 22 when she was murdered, had been raped before being mutilated. The cause of death must be asphyxiation and compression of the chest. According to the previous coroner, the cause of death could have been deduced because many body parts were found in the same time period.

– You will be able to see bleeding in the skin of the face, eyes and brain. He explains that when it comes to suffocation, in most cases it is possible to see marks on the neck, bleeding or skin wounds.

Stephen went missing after an inner-city trip in Aalborg last Saturday, and her latest photos show her getting into a car. However, the nightmare is said to have started early the next morning, as the defendant is said to have kidnapped the 22-year-old, taken her to a deserted woodland area and then to his home – where he raped her.

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Hide the body in a wooded area

After that, he is said to have dismembered the body. It is said that he had been doing this for several days, before leaving the parts in a wooded area.

On February 10, the police found parts of her body.

The case received a lot of attention at home and abroad, and the police launched a major search for the 22-year-old. Early in the investigation, police believed Stephen had jumped inside a pirate taxi Sunday morning, and had a hypothesis that she had been subjected to something criminal.

New images: Here she disappeared

New images: Here she disappeared

Police received more than 400 inquiries in connection with the case after they recalled the vehicle. During a review of surveillance materials, they were able to decode the vehicle’s registration number, which led police to track down two men.

Both were arrested, but one was released soon after.

The trial of the two defendants begins in Aalborg on 7 June. Nine days have been set aside.

According to the defendant’s defense attorney, Mitt Greth Steig, the man pleads guilty to improper handling of a corpse, but does not plead guilty to murder and rape.