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Denmark's crown prince couple receives criticism

Denmark’s crown prince couple receives criticism

The Danish people are now raging against him Crown Prince Frederick (54) And the Princess Mary’s Crown (50) After this summer they were photographed in a wetsuit with the Rockwool logo on them. Rockwool is a Danish company that deals with solutions and products based on rockwool.

The reason the Crown Prince portrayed the logo has elicited reactions because the company continues to operate in Russia. Dagbladet previously discussed criticism of the Danish royal house In this regard.

Now the situation has evolved. According to the Danish BT More than half of Danes now want the crown prince to stop promoting Rockwool.

will not answer: Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark will not answer questions about cooperation with shoe manufacturer Ecco. Video: BT
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Not along the wave

BT conducted a YouGov poll that now shows that more than one in two Danes think the crown prince couple should stop promoting the Russia-friendly company.

Their royal house expert has commented on the analogy.

The Crown Prince couple are not on the same wavelength as the Danes when it comes to Rockwool, and I hope people take note of this poll within Amalienborg, says Jacob Heinel Jensen.

BT asked readers if it’s okay for the royal family to advertise Rockwool when they’re still doing business in Russia.

51 percent answered yes, compared to 25 percent who answered yes. 24% answered that they had no say in the matter.

shocked: Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen jumps out of her chair when she hears Soren Sondergaard’s answer about Russia. Video: Folketinget
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Criticism of the crown prince first surfaced when they were photographed this summer in diving gear emblazoned with the company’s logo during the Sail Grand Prix in Copenhagen. Then Crown Princess Mary was criticized and replied:

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The Royal House has a tradition of participating in major international events, sporting or cultural, and we are there to support Denmark as the host country and to support the Danish participants.

He must not have been good enough for Heinel Jensen.

– No point in throwing ECCO at the door, but continuing to promote Rockwool. He told BT at the time that he’s not online

personal touch: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark took a very special step to get her message across during a visit to Bangladesh. Video: The Danish Royal House.
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ECCO was previously the shoe supplier of the Danish Royal Housebut was removed because it continued to operate in Russia.