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Denmark’s potato anarchy is spreading around the world

Denmark’s potato anarchy is spreading around the world

Potatoes: Potatoes have caused minor traffic problems in Denmark.

The accused arrived at court in Denmark smiling, relaxed and wearing clogs. The Danish media linked the incident to a new law in Denmark.


On Thursday, an estimated 17 tonnes of potatoes, i.e. potatoes, were dumped on the Danish bridge Storebælt in Denmark and on the highway between Skærup and Kolding. The bridge is a connection between the capital island of Zealand and Funen.

Potatoes caused traffic problems – the police had to ask drivers to drive carefully.

Witnesses to the accident explained that they saw a truck on the plane standing upright. Danes Sonny Allen and Daniel Eriksen say:

– We were driving in reverse, and at one point we saw the truck with the pallet upright, and then there were a lot of potatoes on the road ahead.

There will be three different potato-related accidents on the road. They both head east and west at Storebælt, as well as on the E45 Sønderjyske motorway between Skærup and Kolding.

In total, at least 17 tons of potatoes were said to have been dumped on Thursday night. Police in Funen described the incident as “extremely serious”.

Early Thursday, the police worked out two hypotheses: whether it was an accident, or knowingly and intentionally. On Thursday afternoon, they landed the last plane.

– Kenneth Tanquist of Funen Police told Danish TV 2 there was something about the way it was carried out that made us suspicious.

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Free feet

A 57-year-old man is under arrest on suspicion of endangering the lives of others. The man drove the truck in which he threw the potatoes. He admitted to the police that it was a deliberate act.

Several other men are said to be at large. Police believe the 57-year-old had multiple co-conspirators.

On Thursday afternoon, the 57-year-old arrived at court in Sveinborg, Denmark, wearing clogs. According to Danish TV 2, the man appeared relaxed and smiling. The man was declared in custody for 14 days.

The prosecution closed the doors, but the man wanted the press present.

According to the 57-year-old defender, the accused wanted to open the doors because it was “a political matter”.

The accident occurred on the same day that the government adopted a new bill in which trucks will have to pay kilometer tax from 2025.

Go around the world

Potato problems have spread from Denmark around the world. Several major international media outlets covered the incident, including CBS and AP News.

The potato also got attention on Twitter.

By Thursday evening, all potatoes will be removed from the bridge.