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Dentists sound the alarm after that

Dentists sound the alarm after that

It is in the medical journal Curious Journal of Medical Sciences That amazing discovery is described.

Professors, dentists and oral surgeons at the PSM College of Dental Science and Research in Thrissur India tell of a 20-year-old who was looking for them.

He had pain and swelling in his mouth, and he told them he had been in pain for six months.

On top of that, he said his dentist gave him broad-spectrum antibiotics, and the treatment made him a little better.

After a short time the pain returned.

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pain and fever

Then he visited the PSM College of Dental Science and Research, where he talked about the pain and that he often had a fever.

He did not remember his injury to his face, and no treatment was performed on his teeth.

The staff examined his face and discovered that it was asymmetric on the right side and that he had swelling next to the lower molars.

big and round

A digital orthopedic chart, a special type of X-ray, was taken of the teeth, which showed a large round mass in the painful area.

Health workers suspected the man had a tumor in his jawbone, and decided to perform a caliber surgery.

The biopsy showed that the bullet contained connective tissue with what they described in the medical journal as “extensive chronic inflammation and necrotic acellular areas.”

It turned out that it was not a tumor, but a radioactive mushroom.

Avoiding danger: Bullet analyzes have shown what oral surgeons call

Avoiding danger: Bullet analyzes revealed what oral surgeons call “filamentous bacteria on a necrotic background.” Photo: Curious Journal of Medical Sciences
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He had a radioactive mushroom

Oral surgeons concluded that the man suffers from actinomycosis and is, according to The great Norwegian encyclopedia Also called ringworm – although it is not a fungal infection.

mushroom ray according to Institute of Public Health (FHI) is a bacterial infection that occurs mainly in animals.

chronic infections

In rare cases, the infection can cause chronic inflammation in humans, primarily in the mouth, throat, genitals, and intestines, according to the FHI.

Usually, ringworm is caused, among other things, by poor oral hygiene and tooth extraction, while in this case the surgeons do not know how the 20-year-old got it.

Unintended guest: The photo shows bacterial colonies that were in the 20-year-old's mouth.  Photo: Curious Journal of Medical Sciences

Unintended guest: The photo shows bacterial colonies that were in the 20-year-old’s mouth. Photo: Curious Journal of Medical Sciences
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Finally declared healthy

In the medical journal, they wrote that he was given high-dose intravenous penicillin for two weeks, and then had to take penicillin tablets for four weeks.

He also had to make a root canal in the area where the rays fungus is.

Six weeks after starting treatment, the man was declared to be in good health.

rare and dangerous

In the medical journal, professors and oral surgeons do not hide the fact that the discovery of actinomycetes was an exciting thing.

– This case is unusual, they write.

They are now asking dentists to be aware of actinomycetes when diagnosing patients with symptoms similar to those of the 20-year-old.

Such cases – although rare – show that actinomycosis should be added when diagnosing pain and swelling in the jaw, they wrote.

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