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“Der Scholzomat” can win German elections – VG

Channel nominee: Olaf Schultz at a campaign meeting in Munich earlier in September.

It has been said that if there is one thing that Angela Merkel lacks as a policy, it is charisma. On Sunday, there is a good chance that the Germans will choose a leader who, according to many, has even less.


Say here to “Der Scholzomat”.

– He’s not exactly charismatic. He is very sober and thinks before he speaks. He has very good self-control in how he looks, both in behavior and facial expressions. He appears to be immersed. If you look at the debates, you’ll need a lot before he gets upset. They are talking about “Scholzomat”.

This is how Ostfold University professor and Germany expert Ellen-Sofie Nesge-Vestli answered when VG asked her to describe Olaf Schulz, 63, the man leading opinion polls ahead of Sunday’s German elections.

He was nicknamed because of his robotic speeches.

Suspension: Red and green favorites in Germany

Election campaign: People pass an election campaign poster in Cologne.

It is precisely this “boring” appearance that has been highlighted as his great strength and the reason why he soon dies as Federal Chancellor.

The fact that he thinks so carefully about how he looked means that he has sailed as a favourite. His opponents don’t always do that.

So it’s not about his politics?

– I would say that it is, but I think it is more about others making too many mistakes. The professor says about the SPD candidate that the SPD actually did nothing.

TV talk: Olaf Schultz (left) raises his fist to Armin Laschet of CDU/CSU. Analina Barbuk from the Greens team in the middle.

flirting after the flood

So what were the mistakes made by the other two chancellor candidates, Armin Laschet of Angela Merkel’s CDU/CDU and Annalena Birbock of the Greens?

The first, for example, was caught by television cameras grinning in the background as the head of state paid tribute to the victims of the Great Flood in the west of the country in July, while the Green Party candidate, among other things, was said to have been cheated. with his biography.

In such a company, the Germans seem to prefer some kind of Merkel clone.

– He’s more like her as a species. He also mentioned it himself. Germans are not necessarily looking for a charismatic leader. Nisji Vestley says they like stability and predictability.

Features “Mother Merkel” has been known for 16 years.

Before and maybe later: A photo from 2019 shows outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel laughing at something, while Olaf Schulz is serious.


Olaf Schultz has a long career in German politics. From the mayor of Hamburg to the current finance minister and deputy chancellor in Angela Merkel’s coalition government. And now he can take the step all the way to the top. Few people believed when the SPD fell to 14-15 percent in the polls this summer. Away from both CDU/CSU and the Greens.

Many actually laughed when the party ran with its own chancellor’s candidate, so regardless of whether Schulz wins or not, it’s been a phenomenal journey, says the professor at Ostfold.

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In the latest opinion polls, Schulz and his colleagues lead by about 25 percent, 3-4-5 percentage points ahead of Merkel’s party and about 10 points over the Greens.

– Some sounds can still be animated. I don’t think Schulze and the SPD feel confident that they will win, says Nysje Vestley.

Germany expert: Professor Elin-Sofie Nesje Vestli.

new mode

Regardless of who gets the most votes from Germany’s two traditional ruling parties, the post-election period can be at least as exciting as the election campaign. For the first time since World War II, after all appearances of the sun, three more parties are needed to form a majority government.

There is always a majority government in Germany. Anything else is considered out of the question.

The current government consists of the two main parties. Which can be compared to forming the Conservative Party and working together in Norway. But this time they did not get enough votes for the majority. Thus, three more parties are needed.

This is a new and unfamiliar situation for the Germans. The professor says there are many potential coalitions.

It lists the Traffic Light Alliance, the Jamaica Alliance, and the Kenya Alliance. They are all named after the colorful constellations of the parties.

The three candidates: Annalena Barbock of the Green Party, SPD Olaf Schulz and Armin Laschet of CDU/CSU are the three candidates for the chancellor in Germany.

He can become a king maker

A Traffic Light Coalition would probably be more likely if the polls were successful. Then the Social Democrats of the SPD will invite the Greens and the German Free Democrats, which have around 11 percent support, into the government.

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– But since the two parties cannot get a majority, it is not necessarily the largest party that will lead the negotiations, as Nesji Vestley explains.

This is where the Jamaica Alliance comes in. It is a government made up of CDU/CSU, Green Party and FDP. And so the last two could end up in government almost regardless. It gives the FDP in particular a lot of power.

– Many now say that they will now choose the “king” in Germany.

A new federal leader? Chances are good that Olaf Schulz will start calling for government negotiations next week with the goal of becoming Germany’s new leader.

– He was envious of Storm

A “Kenya coalition”, consisting of all three major parties, is considered less likely. Few think that the Greens want to join a government in which they are the younger brother.

What is absolutely certain is that there will be difficult negotiations no matter which coalition you try.

Jonas Gahr Store’s challenges in getting SV and the Center Party to cooperate quickly in relations could fade.

– It will take time. There is no doubt about that. The German expert concludes that I think Olaf Schulz was the envy of Støre for the Hurdalsjon match.