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Derek Chauvin pleaded guilty - VG

Derek Chauvin pleaded guilty – VG

Former police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of killing African American George Floyd in May of last year.


Chauvin was found guilty of all charges.

He was charged with three counts of premeditated murder, the most serious being “second-degree manslaughter.”

This means that jury members believe that Floyd died as a result of what was a deliberate and dangerous act on the part of Chauvin.

Floyd died in Minneapolis on May 25 last year after Chauvin pressed his knee to his neck for more than nine minutes..

The judge said the sentence is 40 years in prison and the verdict is expected to be ready within eight weeks.

Until then, Chauvin will be imprisoned.

to me Washington Post Its defender Eric Nelson is expected during this time to start working on a possible resume.

It will have great significance for the country and the world

Outside the courtroom, cheers erupted among several hundred people present as the decision became known. And because large protests were expected in the event of an acquittal, the security presence is large.

Justice has happened painfully to the fullest for the George Floyd family and the community here in Minneapolis, but today’s judgment extends far beyond this city and will have great significance for the country and the world. Attorney Ben Crump and the George Floyd family said in a statement that justice for black America is justice for all of America.

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After the end of the final proceedings in the case Monday night, Norwegian time The jury withdrew To discuss whether former police officer Derek Chauvin (45) is guilty of killing George Floyd. They have since been gathered in a courtroom in downtown Minneapolis, except that they have spent the night in hotels.

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According to the Associated Press, the jury discussed the case for ten hours in total, over a period of two days.

The jury decision was, as it should, unanimous.

The video that sparked massive demonstrations – Derek Chauvin sat and knees George Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes:

“During debates, you must not let prejudice, prejudice, pity, sympathy, or public opinions influence your decision,” Judge Peter Cahill told the 12 jury before their dismissal.

The death of George Floyd led to massive demonstrations entitled Black Lives Matter. “I can’t breathe,” as Floyd said repeatedly before his death, had become a widespread mantra.

Chauvin denies the criminal charges and does not want to explain himself during the trial.

Final actions: – It was as if he was breathing through a straw

Around the same time the jury withdrew, Minnesota Governor Tim Falls arrived With a statement on the state of the crisis in several provinces. The Democratic governor fears the repercussions of the ruling, referring to the violent protests in Minneapolis in the wake of Floyd’s murder, Many businesses and properties were looted and destroyed.

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On Tuesday, he said that the jury’s decision was a step in the right direction toward justice, but that the state still had a job to do.

“Real justice for George comes only through changes in the system, changes that will prevent this from happening again,” he said in a statement.

The experiment began at the end of March, and one of the most important issues during the negotiations was whether Floyd had just died from pressure on the neck or whether other health problems, such as drug abuse and heart problems, might also be reasons contributing to this. .