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Derek Suev was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison

Derek Suev was sentenced to twenty-two years in prison

This is a historic judgment. Second and third degree in the murder of 46 – year – old African-American George Floyd, two months after he was convicted of murder, policeman Derek Suev was sentenced to twenty – two and a half years in prison (two hundred and seventy months) on Friday, June 25.

The 45-year-old officer, who was jailed on the announcement of the verdict, was sentenced to a minimum of twelve-and-a-half years in prison in Minnesota, but Judge Peter Cahill, who handed down the first sentence of 1: 30 minutes in a Minneapolis court, went beyond that.

By retaining the four worst circumstances, he already led to the greatest punishment. Lawyers, however, condemn their role “Worst Abuse” And a pipe “Especially cruel” Police Officer, Thirty years of detention required.

“This historic condemnation is a step forward in reconciling the Floyd family and our nation and allowing them to turn the page and appoint those in charge.”, Welcomed George Floyd’s family lawyer Ben Crumb on Twitter. U.S. President Joe Biden called for the sentence “Fair”.

A few hours before the trial, spectators gathered outside a Minneapolis courthouse, where players were stopped during an eight-week trial. A few businesses were still protected by wood panels, but the northern metropolis returned to normal.

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Intervention of the George Floyd family

At the beginning of the trial, George Floyd’s family spoke. In the video shown in the room, he said his 7-year-old daughter, Gianna, was listening “News coming from him all the time”. A family member asks her what she would say if she could see her father again: “It will be: I miss you, I love you”, She said.

Pilonis Floyd, brother of George Floyd, has asked the court to impose a maximum sentence on Derek Zhou. George Floyd’s brother Terence Floyd also called for a maximum sentence, asking Derek Sue: “Why? What was on your mind when you knelt on my brother’s neck and you knew he was no threat?”. For his part, Minnesota Assistant Attorney General Matthew Frank recalled that on the day he killed George Floyd, Derek Suev had abused his authority as a police officer.

For her part, Carolyn Powlandi said the guard’s mother was her son “A good man”, Someone “Always devoted his life and time to the police service”. “He thought a lot about events.” 25 May 2020, “I saw the price he paid, and I don’t think harsh punishment was good for him.”, He added during the trial with a view to determining his sentence.

Finally, the policeman spoke briefly, to present him “Condolences to Floyd Family”, Including: “I hope there will be new information in the future, which will be interesting and give you peace of mind.”, During his first public speech thirteen months after the death of George Floyd.

Police reform program

On May 25, 2020, Derek Suu Kyi and three colleagues wanted to arrest forty black men suspected of passing a fake $ 20 bill in a large city in the northern United States. To control him, they handcuffed him and pushed him to the ground in the middle of the street.

A knee in George Floyd’s neck, Derek kept his pressure on Suv for almost ten minutes, disregarding the cries of the African-American, but at the request of the agitated passersby.

The scene, which was uploaded by a young woman filmmaker, soon went viral. For weeks, people have taken to the streets of the United States to demand an end to racism and police violence, but beyond that.

It took several weeks for the mobilization to fall, but discussions on these issues remain hot in the United States, with President Joe Biden slow to implement the reforms promised during his campaign.

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However, Republican and Democratic senators announced on Thursday that it was coming to an end after several weeks of negotiations. “A Policy Agreement on the Police Reform Plan”. “There is still work to be done on the final legal text”, They clarified.

A decision that will be appealed against

Kindergarten students at the site of George Floyd's death on May 25, 2020.

Derek Chou’s case was closely followed throughout the country. The police officer, who continued to appear during the six-week interrogation, refused to testify. His lawyer assured that he was satisfied with the procedures followed in the police force and that George Floyd’s death was due to health problems associated with drug use.

The judges did not believe it, and it took less than ten hours for him to be found guilty. Their decision was greeted with a sigh of relief by many, who feared that the country would explode again if Derek Zhou was released from the trial.

However, his lawyer, Eric Nelson, did not change his position. He pleaded that his client did “A good faith error” Demanded a reduced sentence for the time he had already served, which would allow the police officer to be released immediately. He cited the risk that his client, who was imprisoned at a high security establishment, would be killed in prison.

In parallel, he sought to cancel the trial because of doubts about the impartiality of some judges. On Friday morning, Judge Peter Cahill rejected his decision “Could not prove” His accusations.

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Whatever decision is made will be subject to appeal.e Nelson has already expressed his desire to overturn the verdict, especially due to doubts about the impartiality of some judges.

Court case will not stop there: Derek Chou’s three colleagues to be tried in March 2022 “Complicit in the murder” Issued by Minnesota Justice.

At the same time, all four must appear before federal justice “Violation of Constitutional Rights” Presented by George Floyd. No date has been set yet.

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