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Descampo: Zina Pacheco and Bruno Almeida "Said" in a public forum - Nacional

Descampo: Zina Pacheco and Bruno Almeida “Said” in a public forum – Nacional

Bruno Almeida, 32, and Zina Pacheco, 22One of the more controversial elements of the ‘BB 2021’ release was the architect; The big winner of “BB – The Revolution” was the Maderan woman, who had a difficult relationship with André Abrantes. Despite not crossing paths in TVI’s “Reality Show”, The two got into a heated argument on social media.

Bruno Almeida provoked Zina on the social networking site Twitter, and the circus caught fire. And the architect posted a picture with the caption, “What is Zina?” “I do not know her”. Madiran did not like it and responded to the provocation: “Look at me now, I want to get attention. And I thought I saw it all.”

Remember that Zina is in preventive isolation after she was infected with the Covid-19 virus. “I’m sorry, I didn’t really know who you were. Don’t forget that Covid-19 is highly transmissible. Anyone infected alone should be in isolation. Only then can we control this epidemic that has already caused so many people to suffer. The former challenger replied “BB 2021” Although you haven’t acted like that, I hope you’re doing well.

ex-BB’s Zina remembers 2021 and the lawsuit against TVI over the Internet’s sex video

Discussion escalated, with aggressive attacks increasing. “Oh baby, but what do you know what I really do and what I don’t? You’re obviously one of those people who say he doesn’t know, but suddenly he knows a lot more about my life than I do. Mind your own business, God, beg for attention elsewhere, “pick up a zine.” Uh! And another thing. You are the one on my social network, not the other way around. I didn’t even tag you. What exactly do I need your attention to? Will you find clients who need an architect? It doesn’t make sense,” Bruno Almeida continued.

Zina ended up banning the architect on social media Who, though, insisted: “Wow, what a violence! I just want to go to Madeira and not catch COVID-19.”

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