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Desire to Read - An Extremist

Desire to Read – An Extremist

What are you reading now?

– I read “Werner Herzog – A Guide for the Perplexed” about a famous German director from Bavaria. Germany was a major film country before World War II, but during the Nazi era, the country’s greatest directors fled the country. Herzog was the first to make a good film in post-war Germany. Sometimes he’s an extremist and his movies feature fringes. So it’s festive to read about it. He is well detailed and has a lot on his mind. The book is a fun read for a movie nerd movie like me.

Which book made an indelible impression on you?

– There are so many! But perhaps the “Karamasov Brothers”. Or “Moby-Dick”, because it offers a kind of critique of a monotheistic way of thinking and existence. Or Helge Petersen’s book Nietzsche: Suffering and Human Formation. It really delved into Nietzsche’s thinking. It’s a demanding but rewarding book.

Which author should have written the book about you?

– It must be Eskil Engdal. He writes well and knows me.

What self-help book have you read in the past?

“Rip It Up” by Richard Wiseman. It is based on the psychology of William James and why it is still relevant and can be used in self-help settings. It’s absolutely wonderful.

Which book have you read on the run?

I read “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. I think the first chapter was good, but then it was lost.

What new character can’t you put up with?

I can’t think of anyone I can’t stand. But the Batman in “American Psycho” isn’t the straightforward sympathetic type.

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And what new character are you sleeping with?

Helena of Troy must be the wife of Menelaus in The Odyssey. She is considered the most beautiful woman in the world. Or Mary Magdalene. Perhaps they were equally interesting people.