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"Desperation leads us to do things we shouldn't" - Pedro Teixeira's emotional description of his trip to Poland

“Desperation leads us to do things we shouldn’t” – Pedro Teixeira’s emotional description of his trip to Poland

Pedro Teixeira He recently traveled to Poland to help refugees from the war in Ukraine. However, in Portugal, the actor reported the harsh reality he faced.

in the data for CNN PortugalPedro Teixeira said he made the trip with a friend and it took four days.

My idea of ​​help was born from the moment we were exposed, every day, to this news of war. Every day we see mothers with children, in the cold, and I believe that only those who do not have their hearts in the right place, who do not look at these things and are not moved by seeing those things, I had the opportunity that I should have been able to help, “mention.

“I have been out of work for a few days and fortunately have the possibility, I know some people who helped me quickly collect medicine, clothes, baby food, everything I thought I needed to take”he added.

“I realize that I am lucky and that I had this opportunity,” confirmed Pedro Teixeira, explaining: “In my opinion, it made sense to go there. Kyiv is nearby, not far. It is 30 hours travel, nothing for us […] This whole wave of solidarity that has arisen here has a lot to do with the fact that people are so close to us, it could be us. And those mothers whom we see with children in their arms with negative temperatures, they can be my girlfriend, my children … […] And that’s something that moves us, and it automatically gives us extra energy to do whatever it takes to help these people,” the actor said, before describing the circumstances he found in the place: “I had no idea and it was a huge struggle to get there and get to know this reality.”captured.

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Then Pedro Teixeira revealed that he had brought a Ukrainian refugee with him and was left on alert. “Despair leads us to do things we shouldn’t do. […] There are faults in the earth. […] This makes me so angry […] It’s time for someone to get a government organization to take these associations and organize them, […] Kind of a task force for that matter.”It is to explain.

Finally, the actor took on: “I managed to get back.