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Despite Belgium’s defeat to Italy, Twitter raged about Jeremy Toku’s excellent performance

Italy (2-1) Belgium are eliminated from the Euro 2020 quarterfinals. However, the Red Devils player was unanimous. A particular Jeremy Toku! The State Renaissance winger tried to get his team back into the game Blue team.

Italy is the only team to emerge victorious in this shock of the Euro 2020 quarterfinals! Particularly attractive, The Blue team Defeated Belgium (2-1). Instead of being violated, the Red Devils were still able to trust Jeremy Toque. Established from the beginning he made a very strong impression in his hall.

Jeremy Toku tried everything!

Shortly before the break he was able to get a penalty and the State Renaissance winger put his team back in the game. Throughout the second half, the 19-year-old talent went out of his way to help Belgium balance.

Admittedly he did not succeed in reversing a situation that had started badly. However, he can be so proud of what he met! His performance was not particularly noticed on Twitter: