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Destroyed.  Isabel Silva and Joao Paulo Rodriguez are fiercely attacked by the RTP Workers' Committee - Nacional

Destroyed. Isabel Silva and Joao Paulo Rodriguez are fiercely attacked by the RTP Workers’ Committee – Nacional

A Wednesday bulletin from the RTP Workers’ Committee left harsh remarks on “Chefs da Nossa Terra” on Sunday afternoon, Presented by Isabel Silva and Joao Paulo Rodriguez, which premiered on May 15.

“When the fireworks were launched two years ago for the ‘positive results’ of the RTP, it was clearly a good idea to temper the enthusiasm with some caution, because we were talking about the results before the tax hole. When the alarm is now sounded due to the “financial loophole”, it would obviously be a good idea to avoid panic and find out what that alarm means first‘, in the document shared on social media.

Then, in a paragraph entitled “Buraco negro e regabofe,” the commission of professionals from the public station points a finger at the program and producer Coral for expenses it considers irresponsible: “Concern about bad spending can only grow and grow. It gets worse when we see the scene in advance through Many uncritical exits. A program like Chefs da Nossa Terra is carried out at a cost of at least three times what is necessary for its own production (Compare with the costs of “Aqui Portugal”)”.

Is there something so special about the production of “Chefs da minha Terra” by Coral that justifies the extravagance? For several years now, Coral has already made a valid contribution to RTP and even the components of knowledge that have enriched our own way of making television. However, everything has changed and what we see today are pharaonic courtiers, presenters without knowledge of their texts, and market-like houses, invaded by chaos, lack of discipline and incompetence,” concluded the RTP Workers’ Committee.

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