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DFP wants to save the future of goalkeeping

DFP wants to save the future of goalkeeping

Germany, the land of goalkeepers.

Tony Durek, Chep Meyer, Tony Schumacher, Bodo Ilkner, Andreas Kopke, Oliver Kahn, Manuel Neuer – German football has always produced world-class keepers. But the time is approaching. DFB is worried about the future. (News: Everything about EM)

Gianluigi Donramma, Italy’s 22 – year – old national goalkeeper and heir to Gianluigi Buffon, A.C. He has 215 games in Serie A for Milan. This means that the talented goalkeeper has played almost twice as many professional games as all German games. Together with the best young keepers. Alexander Noble (24/47 Bundesliga), Florian M முller (23/73), Finn Dahmen (23/3), Leonard Grill (22/4) and Marcus Schubert (22/9) played only 136 Bundesliga games. (Lowe’s plan with Bayer: Who should tremble?)

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Kofke confirms the goalkeeping problem in the DFP

DFP has a goal keeping problem! Andreas Copecake knows it too. Serves as goalkeeping coach of the German national team SPORT1Demand Warning: “We already have one or two goalkeeping skills, but I have a stomach ache because the boys are not playing enough. We have to be careful!” Currently they are “not young goalkeepers playing in the Bundesliga”. (Press conference with Andreas Kopke)

That is true. The view between the posts of the best clubs in the Bundesliga underscores this. Currently there are mostly foreign goalkeepers. Hungarian Peter Gulaksi R.P.

Of course, this problem does not escape the DFB. For this reason, under the leadership of former Bayern League goalkeeper and academy director Tobias Hopt, they launched the “N28” program in the Directorates.

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TFP wants to save goalkeepers’ future!

The key question addressed in the plan was: Who will be the German national target in 2028?

In other words: the German Football Association is looking for a new Manuel Neuer. The 34-year-old world goalkeeper recently joined EM in the summer. Made it clear that he wanted to continue after. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the 2024 European Championship at home also seem likely for the Bayern star. Then?

Mark-Andre der Stegen and Bernd Leno will be 32 years old in 2024, and Kevin Tropp will also be 33 years old. Not much behind the alternate trio. Florian Mல்லller, recently awarded FCV Mainz 05 by SC Freiberg, was the only German goalkeeper under the age of 26 in a top European league last season.

The main problem: there are some young people with better abilities. However, they prefer to sit on the bench in the Bundesliga – instead of playing permanently in the 2nd or 3rd division, see Noble (loan to FC Bayer) or Schubert (loan to Frankfurt, now back to Schalke).

“For example, Alexander Noble would love to play more,” says Kopke. “The boys are playing a little bit right now and can’t grow as much as they’d like.”

DFP wants more serious discussions with players

Another fundamental problem: In the German youth football team, more is chosen instead of growth. That’s why the focus in the future should still be on training.

DFP sees itself in the role of advisor and wants to have more serious discussions with players, their agents and clubs. However, they cannot and will not affect the career plan of the young players in the association.

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Kobe does not believe that the goalkeeping job has lost its appeal. The 59-year-old thinks the goalkeeping level has become more attractive overall, “because you can play more and participate more in the game”.

Still, the next new one is out of sight. For this reason, the DFB wants to ensure that Germany is a goalkeeper with the “N28” program.