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Diablo III, Dead By Daylight, and Unturned are available for free on Xbox this weekend

Diablo III, Dead By Daylight, and Unturned are available for free on Xbox this weekend

During the free period, users can purchase games with a discount in the store

Diablo III: The Immortal Group, dead by daylight and unturned free to play X-Box One And the X-Box Series S / X by subscribers of X-Box gold live. This opportunity is part of Microsoft To put free games for players to test on the weekends.

The games will be available for free until Monday, June 13 at 03:59 GMT, and you can also purchase these games at discounts of up to 60%. To take advantage of the free period, simply go to X-Box and download games.

See below for details on each title.

According to Microsoft, Acitivion Blizzard acquisition is ‘moving fast’

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Join the fight in this award-winning, genre-defining action RPG during the days of free play. Fight the evils that plague Sanctuary and its inhabitants, and fight alongside 65 million players around the world who have wielded their swords since the game’s launch.

With frequent updates, new cosmetics, and a rich end-game experience, Diablo III offers an exciting world of gameplay. The incredibly immersive story brings players back to Tristram, where it all began, to investigate rumors of a shooting star, as this is the first sign of a revival of evil and an omen initiated by End Times.

The most dangerous game of hide and seek in the world.

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Step into the mists as a hunter or hunter, with a selection of 34 original assassins and survivors from previous chapters. Each character in Dead by Daylight comes with a thought-provoking origin story and a set of powers and perks that make each character’s appearance, movement, and gameplay unique. Work as a team to escape, or to hunt down and sacrifice each survivor as you discover, explore and master both sides of this vast team.

Unturned is a post-apocalyptic zombie survival experience where players must survive by fulfilling their basic needs and protecting themselves from zombies and other players. You will need all your wits in order to survive these strange green people who are whining and chasing after you. Get to know the environment, choose the right supplies, maintain your health, find weapons, and when in doubt, just feel free to run!

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