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Diadema and Mawa extend polio vaccination - 10/02/2022

Diadema and Mawa extend polio vaccination – 10/02/2022

Those responsible for children and young people up to 15 years of age who have an incomplete vaccination schedule until October 31 have to transfer the young to one of the 20 base units in Diadema and settle the situation, as the polio and multiple vaccination campaigns have been extended for the second time until October 31.

According to local data from epidemiological surveillance and disease control, Diadema has already applied the dose against polio to 10,796 children in this period, which is 46% of the vaccination coverage. The goal of the Ministry of Health is to vaccinate 95% of the target audience. Regarding multiple vaccinations, according to municipality data, 5,738 children under the age of one year attended UBS, of whom 5,122 were vaccinated. While in the public from 5 to 14 years old, there were 6,918 attendance and 4,533 vaccines were applied.

For the Municipal Immunization Program Coordinator, Shirley Felix Cesario de Mello, ensuring all vaccine doses is to protect both the child and society as a whole. “Vaccines are a form of protection against diseases that can be prevented by vaccination and it is necessary to seek a health service so that a professional can check the vaccination booklet. With this, we were able to increase vaccination coverage and prevent the re-emergence of eradicated diseases in the country,” said Shirley.

In the multiple vaccination campaign, targeting children and young people up to 15 years of age, it is possible to update vaccines such as MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), tetraviral (measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox), BCG, pentavalent polio vaccine (VIP), polio vaccine Oral pediatric (OPV), pneumonia 10, rotavirus, meningitis C, meningitis ACWY, chickenpox, hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, DTP (diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis), adult double, HPV and pneumonia 23 All other vaccines are in the National Vaccine Calendar.

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Mawa municipality has extended until October 31 anti-polio and multiple vaccination campaigns. The goal is to expand vaccination coverage, especially for children.

Parents or guardians must take children or teens to Basic Health Units (UBSs) Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. You must present your vaccination card at the site.


Since Friday (30), the municipalities of the region are also implementing a vaccine against Covid-19 for children aged 3 to 4 years.

the target audience

Children ages 1 to 4 full years need a polio booster dose. The country has been free of disease since 1994, however, the scenario may change as adherence declines in recent years. [08.ASSINA_PE]