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Diana Chavez, who has been addressing for 8 years: 'We're not in a hurry, I still want to get married'

Diana Chavez, who has been addressing for 8 years: ‘We’re not in a hurry, I still want to get married’

Season 3 is about to end Married at first sight. The format is shown for the first time on SIC, on March 27, and the presentation was made this Tuesday to the press. Diana Chaves back and next Daniel OliveiraAnd the I was expecting some news from the program.

‚ÄúThere are things that are transversal in relationships. And I realized that in the first experience [primeira temporada] And I learned from him too‘, by telling the presenter of the program happy house For the face of SIC, drawing lessons and lessons from the relationship will always be a component that piques the curiosity of the viewer who has watched and picked up on this phenomenon since the first season.

Diana Chavez, who has been engaged since 2014, confirmed that she intended to marry, although she admitted that the appropriate preparations had led to the postponement of the ceremony, but not only. I have been engaged for a few years and love my status as a bride.. Thank you Daniel [Oliveira] I didn’t have much time to think about weddings. But still, thank you, because I’m in no rush either.‘, he joked, causing the audience to laugh.

Pilar, Cesar Peixoto and Diana Chaves (clone on Instagram)

Diana Chavez announces herself to Cesar Peixoto with romantic photos

The broadcaster has been living with the former player and coach for 13 years, Cesar Peixoto, with whom he shares a daughter, Pilar. “We’ve lived like this for a long time. We are happy, I still want to get married. I’m not in a hurry. But everything that involves greater logistics, I keep putting off. Nobody says I won’t get married one day at the beach…but should I go for therapy because I’m engaged for so long? “He asked, turning to the experts with a sense of humor.

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