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Diana Montero remembers “the decision that changed her life” – News

Diana Montero remembers “the decision that changed her life” – News

Last weekend marked two years since Diana Monteiro left Portugal and decided to move to Miami, where she lived for a few months.

On Monday, the singer decided to remember on her Instagram account how she lived in the United States, where she had good moments and less positive ones.

“I had to post this picture of Miami today.. Two years ago on this day, March 2, 2022, I made a decision that changed my life forever. I put everything in a warehouse and went to live in the USA for a year. A few months, this is where I… I found La Dianna in it, I've made a lot of friends, professional connections, recorded music with amazing people, and have a ton of people I love who stay there…,” he began writing.

“If it was painful, I also had very difficult moments, many panic attacks because I was alone in a different country, very far from friends and family. I felt lonely many times. I searched Portugal several times for little things, to the point that 'I tried to buy Custard tarts there (by the way, I did that)… it was an experience that changed me forever! I love living in Portugal but Miami is part of my heart,” concluded the singer.

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