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Diário As Beiras - The future of science requires an end to job instability

Diário As Beiras – The future of science requires an end to job instability

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“The paradigm transition to the basic sciences, to science without patents,” is what the sociologist and professor at the University of Coimbra’s School of Economics, Boaventura Souza Santos advocates, so that Europe (and the world) can walk the path of scientific culture.

Criticizing what he says is a political agenda for “innovation targeting companies”, the sociologist predicts that Portugal’s Recovery and Resilience (PRR) plan will be “a failure”, as it targets companies and municipalities, and little for the sake of a university. In his view, development should be based on science and research and for this it is necessary to end the instability of employment in this sector.

The Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education (MCTES) agreed on this point, adding that the government’s goals for the next decade are also to ensure that investment in science and research, in Portugal and Europe, reaches 3%, above the current level. 1.6% in Portugal and 2% on the European average. Moreover, it specified that 30% of young people in higher education are supposed, within 10 years, to have experience in the Erasmus programme.

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