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Did Daniel Martinique return to his old life?  A film feeds thought

Did Daniel Martinique return to his old life? A film feeds thought

Daniel Martinique Behind him was a turbulent period in his life: full of corruption, as well as problems in the law and police. In addition, he went through a media divorce, and he also had problems with drugs. However, everything indicates that this condition is a thing of the past. As the son of the king of disco polo sailed to sea, things began to fall into place.

Some time ago, in an interview with the “Duvaj Empire” Geneck Martinique admitted that he was very happy to have his son changed:

“Daniel really embraced himself. He really enjoys working at sea. Above all, he does what he wants, not complaining that it’s hard. He returned satisfied and calm from the first voyage. He rested a little and made the next voyage. One.”

Is Daniel Martinique back at the party? The photo does not cause suspicion

Daniel Martinique revealed to his fans how he spent Saturday evening. The son of a disco polo star posted a photo on Instagram (exactly on Instagram), showing him a cigarette in his mouth and a glass in his hand. Photography is immediately associated with old pictures, which can be seen frequently on Daniel Martinique’s Instagram as he often party.

Photo: Daniel Martinique / Instagram

Daniel Martinique showed how he spent Saturday evening

The rest of the article can be seen under the video:

Daniel Martinique and his life transformation

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Daniel Martinique decided some time ago to radically change his life. Until now, a son Geneck Martinique He is the protagonist of many scandals that have been widely talked about in the media. The son of the king of disco polo has a history of problems in law: insulting officers on duty, driving without permission, possession of drugs.

Daniel Martinique was convicted of community service by the court for his crimes. He had already done it and soon got a job on the ship. He informs about his work as a sailor on Instagram. It is worth noting that the young Martinique graduated from the Maritime University in Gdynia and apparently missed the career he had learned. Some time ago he admitted:

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