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Did Pedro Teixeira really choose the child's name?  The actor's response

Did Pedro Teixeira really choose the child’s name? The actor’s response

SELFIE followed the premiere of the TV series “Festa é Festa”, in which actor Pedro Teixeira, who will once again become a father, revives Tommy’s character.

How do “Festa é Festa” records work?
They are going well. Now, we are all on the fly, we already understand each of our characters, and we already know each other very well, and then, we turn to the scenes, to make it easier and give us more freedom, plus Roberto’s text. [Pereira, autor da novela], We can play a little bit.

What does giving life to Anna Guomard’s husband after they were brothers in “Morangos Com Açúcar”?
It is special. I really love Ana Guiomar, I always have, and since “Morangos Com Açúcar”, I have a great affection for her, almost like her sister, and fortunately, now, after many years, they join us again. She was amazing, because she is such a beautiful actress and it is very difficult not to do well when scenes work with her. She is a decent actress, an excellent fellow, she’s really good … it’s been so easy to work with her.

What is the main challenge in this novel?
The biggest challenge I felt was to follow the rest of the cast, because the cast is full of so many talents, they are beautiful actors, most of them are very used to comedy, so the hard part is keeping up with that. It’s the observation, learning every day, getting better and hopefully going well.

On opening day, are you nervous?
I don’t like to see firsts with anyone! This, today, is getting a little complicated for me, because I’m going to see, at that time, people reacting to what they’re seeing and I don’t like it. Go well or wrong, I like to be alone, at home, watching. Even with my girlfriend, my daughter, my mother … I like being alone watching my things, I don’t like anyone being with me. Today, here I am in a group [risos].

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How to interact with Sarah Matos [namorada do ator]And your mother and daughter [Maria, fruto do relacionamento anterior com Cláúdia Vieira]?
They give their honest opinion and I think that’s important, but I don’t like hearing it at the moment. Wait and tell me, then … if you like it, if you don’t. I really don’t like to have this Suspension Soon, right away.

Who is your biggest fan?
You should be my daughter, I hope [risos].

Now, a boy will come: Pedro and Sarah want you to be a boy?
We really wanted it! We really wanted everything to be going fine and so far, it’s all going well. He is born happily, but if she was a girl, it was the same. Our biggest wish is that everything is going well, and as of now, we have no reason to complain.

Have you already chosen the name?
You already have … find out later! [risos]

Was Mariah also happy to go and have a brother?
very happy!