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"Did the show start?"  : When Alain Fingelkrat just didn't realize it was live on CNUS

“Did the show start?” : When Alain Fingelkrat just didn’t realize it was live on CNUS

Alan Fingelkrod, who was expelled from the LCI after his comments on the Duhamel affair last January, returned to television on Wednesday, April 14th. The philosopher seemed completely lost, not realizing he was in the air …

Extraordinary moment of television. Educator Alain Fingelkrat attended Pascal Proud’s guest at CNEUS. The philosopher had the opportunity to return to his comments on the Oliver Duhamel affair at the LCI last January. At the time, Alan Fingelkrat was accused of reconsidering the indictment brought against Oliver Duhamel.

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“When we try to find out if there was approval or some kind of mutual, we will immediately fall for you.”

Poojadas: Because we are talking about a 14 year old child …

“So what? First we talk about a young man, it’s not one.”

– BalanceTonMedia (alaBalanceTonMedia) January 11, 2021

So, by taking the antenna, Pascal Broad wanted to know this thing. Spicy, the philosopher replied to Tot: “Oh, you’d not going to torture me with Oliver Duhamel,” he bluntly said. Pascal Proud, surprised by his guest’s attitude, tried to continue the interview. To do so, he wanted to base himself Interview with Alain Fingelkrat. So the journalist begins to quote before analyzing the weekly response to this issue. “I wondered why you said that. There is no room for subtlety. Judge Pascal Broad. Oliver Duhamel has an affair with his adopted son. He is a young man. It is a crime.”

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Then the unrest sets in

In the settlement, Alain Fingelkrat wanted to interrupt his speechwriter. First with big hand gestures, then “It’s okay, okay”. “Why are you trying to qualify?”, Pascal Brad asks. “You’ll see,” simply responds Alain Fingelkrat, with his head lowered towards the table. Fifteen seconds, an eternity on TV, it’s no. So Pascal Broad tried to update it. The former LCI correspondent responded by saying “I will respond” after being ejected from the chain. Before another big vacancy …

Honestly, Alain Fingelkrat, although the show started several minutes ago, he simply did not realize he was in the air. “Did the show start?” He asked confused. “We’ve been in the air for five minutes,” replied Pascal Proud, very surprised. Very embarrassed, Alain Fingelkrat apologized. “I didn’t know the show started …”, he finally stumbled, before starting the interview game.