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Did you know that there is a childcare benefit?  Find out if you are right

Did you know that there is a childcare benefit? Find out if you are right

a Childcare benefit is a Monetary support given to people who have to miss work to provide assistance Urgent and necessary for children (biological, adopted or from your spouse), in case of illness or accident, according to the Social Security.

The Social Security Institute (ISS) says a practical guide on the matter.

from He has Eligible for this benefit?

  • Employees (contracts) to be deducted for Social Security, including domestic workers and stay-at-home workers.
  • Workers. Freelance (for green vouchers or individual entrepreneurs)
  • Voluntary Social Security beneficiaries who:
    o Work on ships belonging to foreign companies or
    o Become a fellow researcher.
  • Anyone who receives relative disability benefits, an old-age pension or a survivor’s pension and works and makes social security contributions.
  • Pre-retirement workers, in the event of reduced work performance.

from he does not have Eligible for this benefit?

  • Persons in a pre-retirement state who are not working (total cessation of activity).
  • Persons receiving unemployment benefits (unemployment benefit, social unemployment benefit, benefit for stopping the activity of economically dependent independent workers, benefit for stopping the activity of entrepreneurs and members of statutory bodies of collective individuals).
  • Disability or old age retirees or survivors who do not work or contribute to Social Security.
  • Workers with a short-term employment contract.

More information about this support here.

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